2023 First Female Presidential Aspirant: Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi Says She will Renegotiate Nigeria’s Foreign Debts, Focus on Security …

While some Nigerians are challenging her presidential ambition, Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi, the first female presidential aspirant in the 2023 elections, has said, she will renegotiate with countries like China, France, India and some few others nations Nigeria is owing huge amount of money, to consider reducing the debt or waving them off.


Khadijah, who is running under the Social Democratic Party (SDP), also said, because subsidy on petroleum is unsustainable, she will “gradually have to find a way of easing it out” if she becomes the president of the nation.


She emphasized that, her long term projects once she becomes the president will be to focus on, (in no particular order), law and security, education, agriculture, infrastructure development, industrialization and other revenue generating services to boost Nigeria’s economy.


Okunnu-Lamidi again stressed that, with the help of technology, and tech savvy millennials, she will be able to achieve her developmental goals as stated above, unlike the current Nigerian leaders who do not fully understand the use of technological skills to advance the economy and successfully lead the country.


On the part of security, she said, putting adequate measures (laws) in place, it will help checkmate issues bothering on security as they are presently affecting the nation.


She however, promised to have an all inclusive women government that cuts across cultural lines once she becomes the president.

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