2023 Presidential Ticket: I Will Let You Know If I Take Decision … And If My Party Chooses Me … Ex Kano State Gov.

Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, ex Kano state governor, has said, if he takes the decision to run for the 2023 presidential seat, he will openly declare his intention; but that he is just in politics because he is a politician, and he wants to bring about political changes.


“I have not taken the decision. If I do, I will let you know. I am in politics because I am a politician, and to bring political changes.”


He however emphasized that, if his political party, (PDP), considers him fit to be the presidential candidate, he wouldn’t decline the offer; but if any other person is preferred or chosen, he will fully support the individual.

“If anyone can do it better than me, I will surely support him; and if they (members of his party) feel I can, then they should support me. It is about choosing the right candidate.”


He expressed joy over the fact that people, (Nigerians), are now talking about direct primaries.

According to him,

“I believe we should try direct primaries.”


Kwankwaso also holds the view that, e-voting can work in Nigeria, if parties agree to it, and all modalities put in place.


He said this during an interview session with Arise News TV on Saturday.

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