86 Years Old Yoruba Leader, Prof. Akintoye, Unveils ‘Pajawiri’, ‘Afinihan’ App, For Tracking Kidnappers, And Their Victims

An 86-year-old historian, and a Yoruba leader, Professor Banji Akintoye, has launched a mobile application, known as ‘Pajawiri’, to help track kidnappers, and their victims, wherever they may be in the southwestern part of Nigeria.


Speaking virtually from Benin Republic during the unveiling ceremony in Ibadan, Oyo state, Akintoye said, ‘Pajawiri’ application, can be downloaded on Play Store; and it will help track criminals to their hideouts wherever they may be with their victims.

He said, once a victim(s) have  ‘Pajawiri’ installed on phone(s), even if the phone(s) is/are on, or off, the criminal elements would be tracked down.

Similarly, ‘Prof. Akintoye said, Afinihan’, same as ‘Pajawiri’ can also be installed by individuals without android phones, to link up with those with the full application; adding that, both apps are useful for the same purpose.


The aged Professor through his spokesman, Maxwell Adeleye, therefore emphasized that, “Those in possession of the ‘Pajawiri’ app on their mobile phone, will be able to instantly activate the app, whenever they find themselves in danger.”

He reiterated that, by activating ‘Pajawiri’ app, families, neighbours, and friends, could easily be alerted whenever the need for it calls and the expected help is likely to come soon.


Prof. Akintoye further stated that, the advent of the app, is a proof that Yorubas are ‘intellectually sophisticated’ and therefore, cannot be subdued.

“We have now proven to the world that we cannot be captured nor be subdued. We are too intellectually sophisticated to be subdued.”


He believes that, with ‘Pajawiri’ or ‘Afinihan’ app, the insecurity quagmire Nigeria finds herself, is likely to be reduced drastically, especially in the southwestern region of the country.

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