Afenifere: Bishop Kukah is Right, Chief Babalola is Right, Their Submissions, a ‘Wake-Up Call’ for President Buhari

Afenifere, a socio-cultural Yoruba organization, has said, Bishop Kukah’s submissions about the state of the nation, should serve as ‘a wake-up call’ for the President Buhari led All Progressives Congress (APC) government; and that the administration should not spend one day beyond the stipulated period – which is May 29, 2023.


Bishop Kukah


According to Afenifere, the failures of the government and the frustrations of Nigerians are behind the call for an interim national government by Chief Afe Babalola, SAN; but it is the belief of the Afenifere group that, the only constitutionally stipulated way of changing government is through the electoral process.


Chief Babalola (SAN)

“Being a law-abiding organization, Afenifere does not believe in extra 
legal means of changing government.”


Afenifere emphasized that, the unprecedented low level to which the country has sunk including the depth of mistrust among sub groups in the country; compounded by the cheapening of human life, displacement of innocent people from their ancestral homes, and the elevation of corruption amongst the leadership, again, made Bishop Kukah’s views relevant so that the ills of the society can be quickly addressed – in a honest and enduring manner.


Afenifere Leader: Pa. Ayo Adebanjo

The organization added, “It was not surprising therefore, that senior 
citizens in the North, under the auspices of Northern Elders Forum (NEF), called for the resignation of President Muhammad Buhari;” the call Afenifere believes is “coming rather late in the day.”


Afenifere also affirmed that, the situation under President Buhari became so damning when Robert Kennedy University in Scotland used him as an example of negativity, a statement the group considered a national embarrassment.”


The organization however said, despite the fact that the statement is a ‘national embarrassment’ but it cannot be ‘effectively challenged’ because there are many others who share the same view as the “inference reflected the reality of what our situation is in Nigeria.”


The socio-cultural group is therefore of the opinion that, President Buhari should get innovative patriots from all strata of the society, to constitute a governing college or council, to see to the “immediate restructuring of the country into true federalism”as it is obvious that, “the situation in Nigeria has overwhelmed the present officials in government.”

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