Afenifere Condemns Police Officer Affront To Lagos State Gov. Sanwoolu-Olu, Says Nigeria Is Not Practicing True Federalism, Also Calls For Apologies

Afenifere, a pan Yoruba social-political organization, is demanding an  unreserved apologies from the Inspector General of Police, (IGP), and the Attorney General of the Federation, (AGF), for what the group considered as a despicable affront of a Police officer to the Lagos state Governor, Babajide Sanwoolu-Olu, at the Magodo gate in Lagos.


In an opinion poll conducted by SarahReports team, the alleged ‘affront’ of the CSP Police officer, to Gov. Sanwo-Olu, uploaded on the social media, is with mixed reactions.


While some believed that the Policeman is simply ‘obeying the last order’ of his superiors (ogas), as the military ethics dictates, some others believe it is a direct insult to the Lagos state Governor for the CSP to openly and grossly decline Sanwo-Olu’s requests.


News reports also have it that, southwestern state governors, likewise condemned the Police officer’s actions, demanding a letter of apology from him.


However, in a statement by Afenifere, the group said, the Tuesday, January 4, 2022 incident at the Magodo gate, shows Nigeria is not practicing federalism as the country claims; and strongly condemned the desecration of the federal spirit with which the country is supposed to be governed.   


The pan Yoruba social-political group considered it unpleasant, the verbal exchanges between the Lagos state Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Sanwo-Olu, and the officer of the Nigerian Police Force.


The group therefore called for the rejection of all practices that is impeding the practice and application of true federalism in Nigeria; and urged aggrieved parties to toe the path of legality in seeking for justice.


Afenifere is also of the opinion that, court orders should be respected summarily; and that where this fails, there are other established legal processes by which the situation can be handled.


The pan Yoruba social-political organization submitted that, while toeing the path of legality, fairness and justice must prevail, and that no one should employ self help to enforce thier rights, as doing so may be detrimental to the overall common interest of the aggrieved parties.

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