Afenifere Condemns Recent Happenings In Nigerian Schools, Says It Is The Result Of Total Collapse Of Virtue In Our Society

Afenifere, the pan-Yoruba socio-political organization, has credited the increasing rate of lawlessness and unruly behaviour among schools’ students, to the total collapse of virtue in the larger society.


In a Statement released by Afenifere spokesman, Jare Ajayi, it was clearly stated that,

“Cases of such unruly behaviour are now very rampant in the country. The collapse of discipline, and orderliness in our schools, is reflective of the collapse of these virtues in the larger society. Until very recently, every adult in the society is respected by the young ones while teachers are revered very highly…”


Citing cases of students’ unruly behaviours in some states, the Pan-Yoruba organization mentioned the recent rampage carried out by students of Idogbo Secondary School, in Ikpoba-Okha local government area of Edo state just because they were unwilling to write the prescribed first-term examination during which the students’ attacked teachers, and set some of the schools’ properties ablaze.

Policemen, who were also called in by the school authority, to calm the situation, were also harassed by the lawless students.


The Afenifere Group also condemned how a Senior Secondary School, (SSS), student, in Abraka, Delta state, reportedly beat a teacher to death, just for flogging his younger sister.


In Afenifere’s opinion,

“No student would think of ambushing a teacher, not to talk of having the temerity to attack teachers in the school as happened in Edo and Delta states cases.”


The Group also used the opportunity to express condolences to families of students, who were victims at the recent Ojodu-Berger motor accident in Lagos, during which two students were confirmed dead and some others sustained various degree of injuries.


Afenifere again, commiserated with the family of Sylvester Oromoni Jnr., the 12-year-old student of Dowen College, who lost his life to injuries sustained during older students’ assault.

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