Affordable Fashion Looks

In simple language, fashion is a form of expression, it is how you depict your personal style/behaviour through various objects which can be: clothes, accessories, hairstyle, footwear, makeup and your total body package. 



The word ‘affordable’ which is ‘inexpensive’, or ‘reasonably priced’ is relative in meaning because what is ‘affordable’ for A, may not be for B, C…  It all depend on individual’s purse, (financial capability), background, status among some other factors.  But generally, people know what it mean for something to be ‘affordable’. Besides, you’ll agree that for fashion conscious people (fashionistas), everything seem to be ‘affordable’ without them considering some factors.



In a chat with some fashion experts and designers, found out that fashion is what you make of it; viz-a-viz, your budget, taste, sense of colour combination, accessories, shoes, makeup, hairdo… and add to it, the cologne (perfume) used.



From research, some people see fashion as a waste of money, some see it as a form of investment that should be taken seriously. And yet another group of people say although fashion is truly an investment, but it becomes a waste of money when individuals don’t see it for what it is, that is, as an investment, and not a license for ‘shopping spree’ and/or a race of competition.  



But have you ever heard of looking good without been too expensive?  The conclusion here is that expensive clothing doesn’t necessarily mean good fashion sense.  Some people can wear a not too expensive fabric with a fitting style and a total combination of other things and oh wow! They’ll look – just fabulous! Whereas, another individual with expensive fabric may not wow people as much as the person with an inexpensive fabric. It all depends on individual’s total ‘packaging’ (to use the Nigerian parlance) and of course, his/her poise and posture.



One beautiful thing about fashion is that it keeps evolving.  Nowadays, people wear whatsoever they are comfortable in and that to them is fashion!  From ankara trouser on a plain shirt/t-shirt; to a short with another shade of fabric on a sweat shirt, in combination with sneakers, a brand of tennis or even slippers of any material.  The dazzling effects of people looking simple but sweet cannot be sidelined; it is always a cheery, splendid feel to see people look simply good.



People of different class, status, colour, race… choose what they consider fashionable; it is all about making your own sense and creating your own definition; and that’s what matters.  Making good rounds of statements when it comes to fashion has gone beyond the conventional way of dressing; it’s now all about what suits your personality, what you’re comfortable in and what your budget is.  It is no longer a game of rules, except for corporate looks, but the narrative is fast changing to becoming ‘corporate casuals’, for obvious reasons.



So, before you pick that dress, shirt, pants, sweat tops … shoes and other dressing accessories, think of unique ways to combine them with other things in your wardrobe for that wow expression you’ve been waiting and wishing to hear.


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