Ahead of 2023 Elections: Give South-East A Chance To Be President …Ebunoluwa Martins

Ahead of the 2023 presidential elections, Prince Ebunoluwa Martins, an APC chieftain, and the  spokesman of the presidential support committee, has advised southerns to allow a south easterner to be the next president of the country, in 2023.


Martins said, zoning for the Presidential position should be allowed to favour the south east because south easterners have voted for all; and so, they should be given the opportunity to have a sense of belonging in the country’s affairs.


He believes Mr. Paschal Dozie, Senator Rochas Okorocha, or any other person from the south east, with the track record of succeeding in business, should be given the chance to preside over the affairs of Nigeria come 2023.


Prince Martins is of the opinion that, the country is where it is now, because past presidents of the country, are not business minded people; persons without the history of business development strategies.


He said, from former president Obasanjo, to the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, are all non business people, and this being the reason for the collapse of our industries.


Ebunoluwa Martins frowned at what he called ‘cash in, cash out politics’, saying enough is enough.


Reiterating his position on south eastern as president in 2023, Martins said, the decision of who the south east picks as their presidential candidate is their choice; but that all he wants to see happen in Nigeria, is a president for all; a president that will embrace all parts of the country. He affirmed that the north are never against the south as believed by some people.


When asked if he is interested in any political position, Martins said, “I will not run for an office because I am a crowned prince.”


Prince Ebunoluwa Martins, in strong terms, during his chat with men of the TVC Journalists Hangout on Thursday, believes Nigeria’s economy will thrive with a south eastern as the president in 2023.


The Prince Martins had earlier said, his vote will go to the south east in 2023, and advised Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, not to be involved in the presidential race, because, to him, the position should be left to a south eastern.

‘If I were Tinubu I will not run for the election, I will leave it to an easterner.’ Adding that, his vote will go to the south east.

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