Akoko-Edo LGA, Igarra Road Construction Outcry: A Case for Alagbole, Akute/Ajuwon, Olambe, Sango/Agabado/Ijoko Roads Under Ifo LGA, Ogun State

Thanks to the days of social media. Despite some demerits against the social media, there are many benefits that speak for the media; one of which is speedy access to information and other news breaking events. Some problems, bothering on societal welfare, overlooked by either the state or federal government, are many a times aired by citizens via the social media.

The Akoko-Edo (Igarra) outcry viral video, championed by one Mr. Alaba Lawani, over poor road construction, of which the state government promptly handled, gave insight to writing this article as it relates to Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun state.

Ifo Local Government Areas

Ifo Local Government Area, according to research, is the second largest LGA in Ogun state. The Local Government has however, seen more deplorable road constructions and rehabilitations than the completion of good road projects. Successive administrations in the state, dating back to only God knows when, have just left many communities in the area to their fate with little or no impact from the state government.

Alagbole, Akute/Ajuwon areas as well as Olanmbe, Sango, Agbado, Ijoko and many other settlements within the Ifo LGA, one major clamor therefore, is road constructions and rehabilitations, among many other infrastructural developments deficit. But sadly, their cry is yet to be heard by the different tiers of government, be it local, state or federal.

Sadly, road rehabilitations, to use our local parlance ‘parshi parshi’ can only be witnessed in some communities with the LGAs only during election years. Contestants after contestants, campaigning for either the chairmanship seat, House of Assembly, House of Representatives and even Governorship seats, bring their campaigns to different Community Development Associations (CDAs) within the Ifo community just for easy campaign rides by doing minor palliatives on the roads after which the government presence fizzles out. The questions asked by residents and home owners within these LGAs are, why the neglect of Ifo LGAs.

Alagbole, Akute/Ajuwon, Roads Situation Report

Thanks to personalities like Babajide Kolade Otitoju and Yeni Kuti, who recently turned 60, and Morayo Afolabi Brown and her gang, who have been showing support to people living in these sub-urban communities. By their constant talks, the Ogun state government, sometimes help to ameliorate the unnecessary sufferings of commuters by filling few potholes in major roads in the locality. However, the roads are getting worse day by day especially during the raining season.

Again, the Senator Amosun’s Alagbole bridge (road) construction project, that terminates where it shouldn’t, is now waterlogged. The volume of water on the bridge, whenever it rains, is good enough as a swimming pool. Motorcycles riders, popularly called “okada” and other vehicle owners, sometime park just to have a wash.

Moreover, because the Alagbole bridge project was not completed, erosion has completely taken over the remaining parts of the road. The daily traffic gridlock on the road, many a times unbearable. Vehicular breakdown and other unpalatable experiences, a common phenomenon, resulting in loss of man hours.

Indeed, Alagbole, Akute/Ajuwon, a 15 minutes’ drive to Lagos state, under normal situation, therefore, deserve better infrastructural developments (road network) than what it is now because of the proximity to the Centre of Excellence, Lagos state.

A Case for Sango/Agbado/Ijoko Roads

On Monday, July 12, 2021, Morayo Afolabi-Brown, during the popular ladies television programme ‘YourView’ read a disturbing  Save our Soul (SOS) letter, where homeowners, and residents of Sango, Agbado, Ijoko cry for help from the Ogun state government over the total neglect of their roads by successive administrations. It is therefore, no longer news that Ijoko axis has been completely abandoned by the state government for a very long period, longer than necessary. A visit to Sango, Agbado, Ijoko communities will better tell their story.

Vehicular breakdown is a daily nightmare or should we call it ‘daymare’, experienced by commuters plying the routes. Disgusting sight of filth washed across the roads after heavy downpours due to improper drainages, constitute eye sores to the environment. Without sounding exaggerated, a visit to the mechanic workshop and may be, a daily dose of analgesic may be needed and useful to survive in the Sango, Agbado, Ijoko axis.

Moreover, abandoned projects, incomplete and dilapidated buildings, are constant sight in the semi urban settlements, or should we say, ‘rural communities’? Human activities seem to be at its lowest ebb in these communities, especially during raining seasons. Among many unpleasant reasons rather to be left unsaid, Sango/Agbado/Ijoko and its environs is indeed a ‘jungle’; a ‘jungle’ where numerous financial benefits lay untapped.

Although, in recent past, the former governor of Ogun state, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, attempted bringing life to the community through his road project. The exercise however, has since been left unattended even before Senator Amosun left office making accessing the various communities in the area unaccessible. Truth be told, one cannot but wonder if Ijoko and its environment are on the map of Ogun state.

Senator Ibikunle Amosun’s projects, although laudable, has since stopped as quickly as it has started. Residents, and commuters are worse hit by the unwelcomed development. Construction materials on site, with heavy financial costs, have since been carted away or vandalized.

Questions on the lips of many begging for answers are:

Is it that Ifo LGA is just too big for a single chairman, who probably lives in Abeokuta, the state capital, to handle? Or projects within the Ifo LGAs have heavy financial costs too big for the local /state government? Who should indigenes as well as settlers within the Local Government hold responsible for the under development? When will the pains and sufferings of home owners, residents and commuters in the area end? What should the people expect from Ogun State government in the days to come? These and many more are some questions begging for answers.

Appeal to Governor Dapo Abiodun

Governor, Dapo Abiodun, whose vision is “to give Ogun State focused and qualitative governance and to create the enabling environment for a public private sector partnership, which is fundamental to the creation of an enduring economic development and individual prosperity…” and with the mission “to improve citizens confidence and trust in government through transparent and accountable leadership…” can, as believed by many within the communities under review, see to the completion of some of the road projects abandoned by his predecessor, Senator Amosun.

Besides, many also believe that if the amiable governor can be magnanimous to construct the Ijebu-Ode/Epe expressway, which will commissioned soon, this same goodwill can be extended to the people of Alagbole, Akute/Ajuwon, Olambe, Ijoko environment.

The appeal therefore is, for the state government to please come to the rescue of the many communities of people living in these areas.

Omo Ogun, Ise ya…

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  1. It’s only in Africa that people appeal to elected leaders to do what they are elected to do…
    Oh Lord we pray u get rid of our bad leaders

  2. Ifo is the local government bordering Lagos state in all areas and it is the most neglected local government in the state. Accessing Ogun state from Lagos through any of the border towns leaves a harrowing experience on commuters and it’s a shame the story has not changed from one administration to another.

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