All You Need To Be A ‘Fabric Collage’ Artist, Is A Sense Of Creativity … Dr. Peacemaker EfeOghene

A teacher/lecturer of Fine Arts, Dr. Peacemaker EfeOghene, has said, based on his personal experience, individuals don’t really need to own a certificate in Fine Art before they can be called an artist. He said, all that is needed to be a successful artist is, a good sense of creativity, and/or passion for the profession.



Dr. EfeOghene said this during a chat with SarahReports team, in his Yaba College of Technology,(YCT), office, in Lagos.

In his words,

“You don’t need to go to art school; you don’t need to earn a certificate, before you become an artist.”

Dr. EfeOghene, who is a Painter by discipline, said, he is more interested in using fabrics, than oil colours, in his work.



He said, this is so because, working with fabric is safer, in comparison to using oil colours; which according to him, research has proven that, working with oil colours may have long term effect on human health.


Dr. EfeOghene emphasized that, with his specialty in what artists call ‘Fabric Collage’, anyone can be an artist, as long as, he/she has a good sense of creativity.



“You don’t need to know how to draw; you don’t need to know how to paint; all you need is a sense of creativity, using fabrics.”


Below is our chat with Dr. Peacemaker Alexander EfeOghene.


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