Asiwaju Tinubu is the Best Man for the Job in 2023, Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe … No, He’s Not, Chief Bode George

In what looks like an interesting debate on Arise News TV platform on Wednesday August 11, the former Minister of Works, Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe flaunted the credentials of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has the man from the south-west zone fit for the 2023 presidential seat.  According to Ogunlewe, Asiwaju Tinubu has got the mental capability and the best educational qualifications for the presidential seat in 2023. Chief Bode George, in counter claims said, Tinubu is not at all fit and qualified for the 2023 presidential seat because of his past records as the Lagos state governor and the ‘lies’ about the educational qualifications he claimed he had.


Although, the interview session with the Arise News was scheduled at different time today, but the narrative is an ongoing conversation between the two political stalwarts.  Senator Ogunlewe, a card carrying member of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, and Chief Olabode George, an active member of the Peoples’ Democracy Party, PDP.


Senator Ogunlewe, who in no small measure lauded Asiwaju’s Tinubu’s political strengths, even his cordial relationship with all Nigerians, also stressed that, the fact that Tinubu had a humble background and had got through different stages of life, he can relate with the masses at every level and so he qualifies as the best president to be pitched from the south-west for 2023 presidential seat.


He said,

“…for substantial numbers of northern to vote for a western Speaker where we have the Vice President… (he paused), I have been with the northern for so long for them to agree… (he paused again) … Give it to the man (talking about Tinubu); you may not like him…


Ogunlewe continued:

“I have studied his own style and the way he performs his miracle. You have to give it to him.  To match him, you must sit down.  We are talking about Nigeria. If a person is given the task, all these things you’re talking about… (he paused).  He’s not from a rich background.  If you’re talking about poverty he has gone through it.  If you’re talking about prosperity… (he paused) and that will make him know what to do…


The APC loyalist, Ogunlewe added, “I’m not saying he is the only person, but I am telling you it is going to be appropriate to put him there.”


Reacting to Senator Ogunlewe’s applause for Asiwaju Tinubu, Chief Bode George strongly opposed Asiwaju Tinubu’s candidacy for 2023 and he clear words, disregard academic qualifications of the APC leader.


Chief George on Asiwaju Tinubu’s educational qualifications:

“I bet you any amount of money.  Let Bola bring out certificates of his primary school, secondary school, and the university he attended… because I could remember in 1998 or 1999 when we had elections, … they now said he should produce those papers, he said he went to Government College Ibadan and the Children Home School in Ibadan.  We went there, we checked what year, where is the certificate, nothing.  When they were going to hunt him, he quickly said, it wasn’t him that signed it, it was Afikunyomi that fields it …


Bode George continued, “If you went to school with genuine certificates you must have friends who … (he paused) because you won’t be the only one in that college.  Let’s see them …


The PDP chieftain stressed,

“I’m shocked that Ogunlewe will be saying this in public. It is all for real that this fellow does not have the certificates and I am not hiding it. Let him bring them out.  The days of lying and telling a lot of bull is over; completely over. Whatever you are telling us you must be afraid because you know people will find out a lot of things that are illegal in your life… morning shows the day.


Chief George who was obviously irritated by Senator Ogunlewe’s claims also condemned in no small measure, Asiwaju Tinubu’s records as the governor of Lagos state during his 8 years administration. He said,

“What was his achievements in Lagos, tell us … he has this humongous amount of money stolen from the treasury of Lagos state. How can one single man be acquitting N9billion every 30 days?  It don’t just make sense and they haven’t done anything. I’ve been expecting him to have been invited.


On the Alpha-beta Consulting allegations that indicted Tinubu, Chief George said:

“…the man who was the MD of Alpha media also sent a memo signed by… (he paused) talking about what is going on in the Alpha media but nobody has done anything, nobody. It is a shame; absolute shame… If it us versus Bola, I am ready…


PDP chieftain Bode George maintained that Senator Ogunlewe has no moral justification for displaying Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has the next presidential candidate for year 2023 elections.  In his words:


“When I heard Ogunlewe saying the best candidate for this country… (he paused) that got me thinking.  If u go into your archives you must have seen the comments, vicious comments made by Ogunlewe against Bola Tinubu … why can’t people be consistent?  Why are you dancing like a masquerade in the market?


In the opinion of the PDP elder,

“If we take his ruler ship in Lagos, 8 years he spent there, to put on a scale between 1-10, how will we judge him? It’s nothing more than 1. And we’re still talking about the way he has appropriated … the treasury of Lagos state … So, is that the kind of man … no sir, no (he chorused).


Chief Bode George:  “I am ready to debate with Ogunlewe anywhere even in the graveyard at 3’oclock in the morning.  He’s talking absolutely nonsense. The best man to be Nigeria’s president?


Chief George clearly pointed out that he would renounce his citizenship than see Tinubu as the president in 2023.  “I would get whatsoever is necessary to review and renounce my citizenship; with that kind of fellow?


He condemned Lagos traffic and drainage system especially when it rains.

“You think Lagos is better off in traffic, once the rains are here, look at the state, no drainage… what is going on…? This is my state.


Chief George also believed that if the former governors in the state had misappropriated funds like Asiwaju Tinubu, there would have been nothing left for him; and added that, he cannot endorse Asiwaju as the next presidential candidate for the south west zone.


“We have people that are former governors, if they had behaved the way he has done there could have been nothing for him.  To have it in my head that that kind of character would be nominated, please go and check all of them something is wrong with them.

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