Bakare to Launch ‘Movement of Nigerians for Nigeria’, Says Enough is Enough

The Senior Pastor of the Citadel Global Community Church (CGCC), Lagos, Pastor Tunde Bakare since exonerating himself from the failures of President Mohammadu Buhari’s led administration, has come up with what seems to be a ‘pressure group’ called a Movement of Nigerians for Nigeria which he tagged #N4N movement.

The #N4N movement which was mentioned for the first time on June 20, 2021 (Father’s Day) appears to be gaining ground steadily among the supporters of Tunde Bakare who had earlier declare his intention to be the 16th president of the country.

Commenting on the #N4N movement, the cleric said, it is not a parallel government but a movement that will support the growth of Nigeria; a movement that will paralyze the ‘enemy’, he added.

Bakare, who obviously was undisturbed about how the movement will be received by Nigerians and the political class said, “I am going to champion it, (talking about the #N4N movement). It is going to go like wild fire across this nation. #N4N will be bigger than Save Nigeria Group (SNG). You have never seen anything like it before…

In what looks like reading out the #N4N manifesto, the Pastor said, “#N4N is to deliver us (Nigerians) from the hands of oppressors” adding that, “Nigeria is going to rise, they’re going to demand for their rights, this is a fight to finish.”

The cleric is also of the opinion that, the time to save this country has come since “the government can’t save us, the military can’t save us” and that, ““Britain is not going to fix this country. America will not fix this country.”  He therefore, enjoined Nigerians to rise and demand for their rights and this can better be achieved by ‘enlisting’ in the #N4N movement.

In what is like an official statement, Bakare said, “#N4N movement begins from now.”

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