‘Bamise’s Murder: Fake BRT In Lagos State? *Service Providers Say Bus Not Among Registered Buses

The death of Oluwabamise Ayanwole, a 22 year old fashion designer lady, is still a rude shock to many Nigerians because the young woman boarded one of the safest means of transportation in Lagos state, the government owned BRT Bus to her destination, where she met her untimely death.


Late Oluwabamise Ayanwole


Although the driver of the BRT bus, Mr. Nice Andrew Omininikoron went into hiding, since Miss. Ayanwole was declared missing, he was eventually nabbed by the Lagos state police command few days after his disappearance.

Suspected BRT Driver

Driver Omininikoron, recalling the incident before pressmen while in police custody, said, he was as helpless as Miss. Ayanwole when she was being assaulted by her assailants in the bus.


Mr. Omininikoron said, because he was just a driver on duty, the persons that attacked and killed Miss. Oluwabamise Ayanwole, could as well killed him too, if he dared challenged them.


Omininikoron affirmed that, he knows nothing about Oluwabamise’s death or about his assailants; insisting that he was as helpless as the now dead ‘Bamise when she was crying for help.


Lagos state police report confirmed that, Oluwabamise Ayanwole, the 22 year old fashion designer lady’s body, was found lying helpless on carter bridge in Lagos Island; and some parts of her body missing.


When the Lagos state BRT service providers were contacted, the report revealed that, the particular bus, where the young lady met her death, was not not among the registered bus in their premises.


The service provider therefore, distanced self from the unfortunate incident involving the 22 years old lady, Oluwabamise.


While police officers are still on the trail of other suspects, Mr. Nice Andrew Omininikoron is still cooling his heels in police custody as  the prime suspect in the ugly incident.


Meanwhile,  a civil rights group, Centre Against Injustice and Domestic Violence (CAIDOV), has called for thorough and diligent investigations into Oluwabamishe Ayanwole’s gruesome murder.


Comrade Gbenga Soloki, the Executive Director of CAIDOV, described the murder of the fashion designer as “callous, dastardly, and criminal in all ramifications,” and requested a thorough investigation into the crime to uncover the perpetrators behind the criminal act.

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