‘Be Careful of Hushpuppies On The Pulpit, They Will End Up Where Hushpuppy Ended’ – Pastor Tunde Bakare


The Serving Overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church, CGCC, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has openly condemned clerics, ‘milking people dry’ of their resources, a trend, which is fast becoming a dreaded phenomenon across the country.


Bakare, who condemned the gimmicks, and other people manipulation methods, used by some of these pastors, against their congregation, in order to amass wealth which they did not work for, also frowned at the Nigerian cleric, who recently trended on the social media, for choosing to make a mockery of God, with his ‘Angels can drop money in your bank accounts’ message.


Although, Pastor Tunde Bakare did not mention any name, he affirmed that, asking people to raise up their mobile sets, ‘for Angels to drop money’ is tantamount to devious stunts which should not be allowed in the church.


In Bakare’s word, “Be careful of Angels dropping money in your account because God is not a counterfeiter and Angels are not thieves.

He added, “The only place, where success comes before work, is in the dictionary.


Pastor Bakare emphasized that, the union of the holy and the unholy, is the problem of the church today.


“The perpetrators of the abuse in the church are cross breeds; they don’t have a particular origin, and that is why you cannot trace where they’re coming from, or where they are going.


He appealed to all deceptive pastors, ‘high breeds or cross breeds’, to repent and turn from their wicked acts of hand twisting people to get money they didn’t work for.


He enjoined this hand twisting clerics, and smooth talkers in the church, ‘mixing divination with prophecies’, to repent, stressing that, anointing without character, will end in disaster.


Pastor Tunde Bakare again, stressed that, after all the ‘users friendly methodologies’, used by some clerics, just in their greed for gains, all that would probably be left after they have gone, may just be, monuments.  Monuments like church buildings, which, probably, no one would be interested to carry on their legacy after they have fast gone. 


In Pastor Bakare opinion, “even all their members may be scattered and what they have left are just monuments, church buildings that might be shut down forever.


He then admonished all compromising church, and/or corrupt churches, combining sorceries with divinations, to know that, God hates mixtures. He appealed to, all self-willed cleric, who are greedy for gain and position, to know that, the time to repent is now.


Quoting from the Book of Numbers 24:1, and Jude 1:11, Pastor Bakare spelt out the consequences of deceiving and manipulating God’s people, as experienced by the old Prophet Balam, in the Bible.


He said, Balam ended as a ‘classified mad prophet’ who was not enlisted among the Heroes of Faith outlined in the Bible Hall of Fame.  But that he ‘died a useless death’, after he had finished his ministry in the ‘hall of ignominy and shame’.

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