Before the Local Govt. Elections in Lagos

By: Olayinka Sotayo


Before the Local election in Lagos.


My fear was that Lagos Youths will use their population strength to stage surprises in various LGs and LCDAs. I was just checking the total number of votes cast in each of the 20 Local Government and the 37 LCDA’S. There was no LG or LCDA where a total votes of 15,000 was cast.


And the Social Media influencers and celebrities that mobilized 100,000 people to camp at Lekki for almost two weeks, cannot mobilize just 10,000 voters to elect a Local Government Chairman of their choice to send a powerful signal to the Political Class that they actually mean Business of Change? Or just 500 votes to elect a Councillor?


We are just not ready.


We can try and rationalize the voter apathy with very good English in the dictionary.

But the fact remains that we are NOT ready.


For the records, many of Local Government Chairmen were ‘elected’ with below 10,000 votes.


And by the way, over 100,000 youths camped at Lekki Tollgate for almost two weeks chanting #Endsars about nine (9) months ago.


What happened to all the Hypothetical Political Platforms that were formed online? Where are the emergency Change-Makers that want to turned Nigeria to Paradise with their magic wand? Where are the social media Political Scientist that can solve Nigeria problems by words of their mouths?


And just before I forget, what’s the total number of viewers that watched Big Brother last night? Oh sorry, we are all waiting to kick out PMB in 2023 and the replace him with a Messiah that will perform sudden Magic that will solve all the problems in Nigeria?


CHANGE usually starts from the Grassroots and not from the roof TOP

Bunch of jokers, we all are!

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