Beware of Guru Maharaj ji: Primate Ayodele Warns Igboho

The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has warned the Yoruba self-acclaimed warlord and freedom fighter, Sunday Igboho to be cautious in his relationship with the founder and spiritual head of the One Love Family, Guru Maharaj ji, who has in recent times, reportedly declared himself as Igboho’s spiritual father; a claim Igboho has not refuted.

Speaking at his church during the 2021 edition of his book launch “Warning To The Nations”, Ayodele affirmed that instead of Igboho relying on Guru Marahaj ji for directions, he should rather consult God or any other right way, but Guru Maharaj ji. And that he believes that Igboho has his “medium of consulting and praying.”

Ayodele further said, although Guru Maharaj ji has equated himself with God, he has never seen any of his prophetic declarations come to pass. To the Primate, Guru Maharaj ji is not a man of God talk less of being God or a prophet as he has claimed. He therefore advised Sunday igboho to be should be watchful in his dealings with him if he wants to see his dream of a Yoruba nation.

In Ayodele’s words, “I dare to say that identifying with Guru Maharaj ji is a failure to igboho in actualizing the Yoruba nation.” He warned that Igboho’s fraternity with Marahaj ji may be misleading and that he should rather let God have His way in addressing every situation.

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  1. Let him tell us about God ending the so many problems in Nigeria. Leave Igboho alone. When things are alright in Nigeria, there won’t be need for agitations

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