Breaking: Bakare Answers Critics … Says You Cannot Judge Others On How They Spend Their Money

Speaking at his Citadel Church in Lagos on Sunday, May 22, Pastor Tunde Bakare, a presidential aspirant in the 2023 presidential race, has told critics that they cannot afford to judge people on how they spend their money.


Bakare was referring to some Nigerians, querying how presidential aspirants, including himself as a pastor, got a N100million for the All Progressives Congress (APC) nomination form.

Bakare, who refused to tell his congregation, including other Nigerians how he, as a pastor, actually got the humongous N100million for just a nomination form, however, deflated the rumour that he got the said amount from his Church’s purse.


The cleric, who many wondered how he will survive the heat of Nigeria’s politics without compromising his Christian values, said, “he picked the nomination form for the Nigerian people”, and to save the ailing Nigeria’s economy.

He said, “if I didn’t pick the form, how can I participate in the election? It is by picking the nomination form that I can serve the Nigerian people; adding that, “no bad mouth can stop the work of God.”


Pastor Bakare, nicknamed PTB, thanked those who in one way or the other has been praying that he wins the election; while also confessing that if he is not given the opportunity to be Nigeria’s president in 2023, he will go back to his pastoral ministry.


Presidential aspirant PTB nevertheless emphasized that, his greatest desire for 2023 is not to see APC or PDP win, but that Nigeria should win as a country. He therefore tagged his desire for the nation as “Verdict ‘23: Nigeria Wins.”


Recall that Pastor Bakare has not failed to declare himself as the 16th president of Nigeria even before he picked the APC nomination form with the claim that “God has already elected him.”

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