Breaking: Be Careful Of Prophets Who Use ‘Likely’ In Their Prophecies … Pastor Adeboye

The General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church Of God, RCCG, has warned Nigerians to be wary of prophets who use likely in their prophecies.


Adeboye said, such prophecies are mere guess work and not prophecies.


He said, prophecies that emanates from God is precise and concise with no guess work.


Talking about the year 2022, he said, he can boldly say he heard from God that, “the siege is over.”


The cleric also said, in year 2022, infant mortality will reduce by 50 percent.


The cleric is quick to add that, that is not to say that “children will not die, but that the death rate will reduce by 50 percent.”


Pastor Adeboye also stressed that, unknown stars (from different walks of life), will emerge in 2022.


Adeboye said, a thousand (1000) prayer warrior will be needed to join a three day prayer marathon in 2022.


He said, the marathon prayer section will be in February 2022 and it will be done with fasting.

He advised prayer volunteers to enlist in the prayer session which is to intercede for the world, Nigeria and for other prayer requests that might come up.


He said the prayer is needed to forestall the rising case of different variants of Covid 19.


Adeboye also said, a powerful typhoons and hurricane will rise from the pacific. He said except they are weakened by prayer, the devastation will be massive.


Concerning Nigeria, Daddy G.O. has is popularly called, said, he has nothing to say about the county.


He declared January 11th, 2022 as the kick start for the RCCG annual prayer and fast which will be 50 days non stop until March 2nd, 2022.


The cleric rounded off the crossover service with these words: “It is your year of doubles… double blessing, double children…”

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