Breaking: Igbo President Will Unite Not Divide Nigeria

The Ebonyi state Governor, David Umahi, has said, an Igbo president will unite Nigeria and not divide the country as rumoured, by “enemies of the southeast.”


Umahi said this at an event on Thursday, held at the ecumenical center in his honour after he declared his presidential ambition.

With emphasis, the Governor stressed that, because Igbos have investments in many parts of the country, a one Nigeria will be the goal of an Igbo president if given the chance to lead in 2023.


Umahi is of the opinion that, Igbos remain under a one Nigeria and therefore, the call for the Biafran nation should be discarded; adding that, “the Igbos are going nowhere.”

He reiterated that, if anyone talks about Biafra in Ebonyi state, s/he will not be welcomed because, the state is better together with a free and equitable Nigeria.


The Governor appealed to Nigerians not to be afraid of giving an Igbo presidency a chance in 2023 because Igbos, according to him, are ‘builders’ not ‘destroyers.’

Governor Umahi reiterated that, instead of calling for the separation of the Igbos from the rest of the Nigerian nation, a dialogue calling for the fair treatment of the Igbo region should be the focus.

He again enjoined Nigerians to shun any statement capable of dividing the nation.

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