Coscharis Group Losses Co-Owner, Cum Chairman’s Wife, Charity Maduka

Mrs. Charity Maduka, co-owner of Coscharis Group, and wife of Cosmos Maduka, Chairman of  the Group, is dead.


Although, there are still mixed reports on the exact day when she died, but a close family source disclosed that, Charity Maduka, died of heart attack on Saturday evening, at her home town in Nnewi Anambra state.


According to her profile on Coscharis Group’s website, Mrs. Charity Maduka, before her death, was a co-owner of the company, founded by her husband, Mr. Cosmos Maduka.


Her profile as stated on the Group’s website, reads:

“In her capacity, she was once the Executive Director supervising the Administrative, Legal, Works / Maintenance, Export, Technologies teams of the organization from 1984 – 2003. Under her tutelage, she was able to grow the business by creating value via the various strategic departments she supervised within the organization.”

“As a board member of the group, in the year 2005, she later became the Executive Chairman / COO of two of the subsidiaries of the Coscharis Group namely Coscharis Beverages Limited, and Coscharis Properties Limited respectively.”

“She had a brief stint as a teacher at Akamili Central School, Umudim – Nnewi between October and December 1981. Also at Tolu Primary School III, Tolu Village, Ajeromi Ifelodun / Apapa, LGA, Lagos between January 1982 and January 1983. She has equally attended various Leadership and Entrepreneurship training seminars/courses both home and abroad.”


Also, in a recent television interview, Mr. Maduka, spoke laudably about how his late wife impacted his career especially in the early years.


According to Cosmos, he was a poor man when he met his wife. He said, her parents, who were upper class people at that time, believed she was insane when she insisted on getting married to him; adding that “Despite all the hurdles, she stuck with me.”


He affirmed that:

“This is the reason today, she owns a part of the company, and has free access to the finances of the company.”

The 1978 marriage, between the duo, was blessed with four (4) children. Three (3) sons, and a daughter.


May her soul Rest In Peace.

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