Covid 19 Fears: University of Ibadan yet to Release Students from Campus despite 3rd Wave

Amidst the Covid 19 resurgence confusion permeating the country, the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo state, is yet to close its premises as students are busy with examinations.

In a memo issued by the institution’s Medical Services Director, Dr. Ronke Ajav, it was clearly stated that the University Health Services (UHS) has not recorded any confirmed case of Covid 19 in more than 3 months or an increase in the number of clients (students, members and non-members of academic staff) reporting flu like symptoms.

Dr. Ajav, added that, although there has not been any reported case of the virus in recent times, the UI has ensured strict adherence to all protocols as it relates to Covid 19 in order to forestall any spread of the virus.

The Medical Director also solicited that members of the academic community who are yet to be vaccinated should please do so once the vaccines arrive the campus, as arrangements for another batch is ongoing; while also highlighting some tips apart from compliance with Covid 19 protocols that might be helpful for building resistance against the virus, among which is good eating habits, and personal hygiene.

Dr. Ronke Ajav, encouraged the academic community to shun rumours on Covid 19 but to get information relating to the coronavirus pandemic from reliable sources, such as Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), World Health Organization (WHO), among other verifiable sources.

A tour around the university campus confirmed increased adherence and compliance to most of the Covid 19 protocols; as students, lecturers and non-academic staff, have now become more familiar with using nose masks than how it was before the announcement of the 3rd wave. SarahReports observed students writing exams, were all fully masked. Hand washing stations were also seen in most faculty of the university premises.

3 Replies to “Covid 19 Fears: University of Ibadan yet to Release Students from Campus despite 3rd Wave”

  1. This is good but I think the university authorities should up their game in making sure students and everyone on campus is safe. Students are full of energy and can move from one place to the other, some of them have unilag friends too

  2. I agree with you @Kolade. I happen to be an insider and, as captures it, a lot is being done on campus to keep us safe. It will be extremely disruptive to send students home midway to the exam. In a few days, exams will be over and then the University can sit down and take decisions as to what happens in the next semester.

  3. You’re right @Ayobami Ojebode. Since exams have started and is almost ending, it will be unfair to stop them half way. I just hope that very soon this Covid things will just go away.

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