Easter Message: President Buhari Preaches Love, Unity, And Forgiveness, Assures Nigerians Of Victory Over Insecurity

President Muhammadu Buhari, in his Easter message, has enjoined Nigerians to love one another and show patriotism to the country especially as the country moves into the 2023 elections year.


In the President’s words:

“I urge us to increase our love for one another rather than hate, and show more patriotism, as this is the only country we have.”

“As we approach another season of electioneering, let the security and unity of the nation guide our actions and utterances.”

Buhari in his statement emphasized the importance of Easter to us as a nation when he said,

“For us as a nation, the message of Easter, which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after crucifixion and burial, reminds us of the power of divine love, faith and redemption.

“Easter also evokes in us the resilience of the human spirit not to give up in the face of seemingly daunting challenges of life. This period emboldens us to believe that the current spate of uncertainty, and insecurity, will soon unfold a season of triumph of good over evil; hope over despair, and light over darkness.”



The President therefore submitted that, Nigerians ought to “live out the eternal words of Jesus Christ on the cross: which says, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing” by forgiving one another especially as the country prepares for the elections year.


President Buhari reiterated that, as Christians faithfuls celebrate the end of their 40 days fasting, Muslim faithfuls, who are currently about halfway into the holy month of Ramadan, should also imbibe the values of love, unity and forgiveness.


“This year’s celebration is very unique for adherents of the two great faiths in Nigeria. It culminates the 40 days season of Lent for Christians, where the faithful are expected to fast, pray, assist the poor, abhor injustice and strife, give alms, and penitently engage in self-examination and repentance of sins.

“Similar values apply to the Muslim faithfuls, currently about halfway into the holy month of Ramadan.”


President Buhari then used the opportunity at his disposal to wish all Nigerians a blessed Easter celebrations with these words:

“I wish all Nigerians a joyful, and a blessed Easter.”

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