Exclusive: The Secrets I have not Told Nigerians and My Prophetic Declarations … Pastor Tunde Bakare

In what seems like the ‘silence’ of the Senior Pastor of the Citadel Global Community Church (CGCC), Oregun, Lagos, over the untoward happenings in the country, the cleric has publicly made it clear that he is not ‘actually quiet’ over the shortcomings of the President Buhari led administration but that he has been waiting to hear what God has to say about the current situation of things in the country and now, it is clear from the recent declarations of July 25th, that the Pastor cum Prophet has heard the biddings of the Lord concerning the nation.


In his words:

“I know where this train is going and I know where it will end by the word of the Lord.

…When it is time for God to speak, God speaks and I don’t fear no jack.  I only respect people and I wait for God’s bidding.”

Having laid this foundation, the eloquent Pastor Tunde Bakare, did not mince words revealing some things not hitherto, publicly disclosed, that he knew about the present government – the role he played in securing the seat for President Muhammadu Buhari and the things to happen in the nearest future in the country.

Bakare, before ‘revealing the secrets’ reminded his congregation how his prophetic declarations, in particular, the one concerning the late Head of State, General Sanni Abacha had come to pass. He stated:

“were you not alive when I went to Kano, in the days of Abacha? And prophesied that Muritala Mohammed is not the only Head of State that will come back home dead? And that Abacha was returning home dead? And I began to sing Abacha will be butchered? Were you not here? “

‘The Secrets’

Pastor Tunde Bakare, went on to narrate how he persuaded President Muhammed Buhari to consider running for the Presidential seat again after he had lost for more than twice.

Quoting from the Book of Amos 3:7, “surely the Lord God does nothing unless he reveals His secret to His servants the prophets”.  Bakare recalled, “I remember in the bedroom of Mr. President when I said I’ve come to tell you, you’ll be president and this is the way it will take place and to work.  I‘ll excuse myself completely to give room to others but it will happen right in my lifetime, this next time around, you’re … (talking about Buhari’s interruption) but he said, noooo, I’ve spoken publicly that I will never run for ….(Bakare’s interruption), and I said we’re cancelling it. This time around you’re going to…. (Buhari’s interruption); and he said how are we going to do it? and I set the motion for the merger and I moved the motion for the merger and he became president. Now, my mouth is smelling.”

Once again, Bakare’s prophetic declarations to this regards was also fulfilled. Mohammadu Buhari eventually won the presidential election as Bakare had prophesied.

Bakare, who has in recent times, receiving some tongue lashing comments from Nigerians in diaspora and in the country, over the bad leadership of the man he is assumed to have brought to power through his participations, said it was God that asked Samuel to anoint Saul as the king of Israel and it was the same God that told Samuel He has rejected Saul as the King over Israel; choosing David to take over the mantle of leadership in Israel.

“I want you to see as Samuel, when He anointed Saul as King and God showed up one day and He said Samuel, why are you still interceding for Saul?  I’ve rejected him from being king. Go to the house of Jesse and anoint one there that I have provided as king. I have provided myself a king… It’s called ‘divine detour’. It is the same Samuel that anointed Saul that God sent to go and anoint somebody else. Do u understand me?, he asked…

He continued:

“and he (Saul) anointed David in the midst of his brethren. He almost missed it but God did not allow it to come to pass … the moment that happens the spirit of God departed from Saul. He will be making useless decisions, terrible mistakes and blunders because the spirit of ill-will has come upon him.”

Emphatically, the cleric declared:

“people don’t know what is about to hit this nation. Tell somebody, you will open your mouth in praise, the fear of God is about to hit this land, you will know He rules in the affairs of men and He gives it to whoever He wills. I don’t care whether anybody listen to me, or not. I am not even interested in going to anyone.

Pastor Bakare, in his political homily, also publicly narrated the vision he had about the present administration, he said:

“let me narrate the vision publicly. What I’ve told them privately, I dare to make it open publicly. I fear no one but God. Let me narrate it openly.  We were in what we call ‘bolekaja’, in the vision, you know what ‘bolekaja’ is? … We were in that ‘bolekaja’, Mr. President was on the steering I was sitting next to him. We were driving towards the elders of the southwest in order to arrange for a merger. Nasir El Rufai was behind me; late Yinka Odumakin was behind him, and it got to a place, he parked the vehicle.

Bakare continued his story:

“I told him this story in London before the merger process began; and a slop like this, I can show you the slop in … and the sloppy place like this (gesticulating) and he came out of the vehicle and he said ‘you know what?  ‘I am going to ease myself, I’ll be back“. When I saw how sloppy the place was, I said Nasir, anything can push us here and we will die. Let me re-park the car or the vehicle. So I moved to the driver seat in order to re-park the vehicle. I suddenly realize the whole steering – no ignition, no pedals, no gear, no handbrake, he took everything down. So, now that he has taken everything in his hands, should it overwhelm you?”

He added “Why don’t you wait for the end of the vision? I know what I saw, I kept it to myself, we will all be in the country when we all see the captivity turn around in the name of Jesus because this nation will not capsize, this nation will not break, … in the name of Jesus.

Quoting from another text of the scriptures, Bakare continued, “When Saul did not use his power rightly, He (God) took it from his hands. Nobody is bigger or stronger than God. He has not created any person, monster, He cannot handle. Listen to me as I preach today, the fire of God is upon me to consume the works of the wicked in our nation.”

Speaking on Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu’s ordeals in the country, Bakare has got this to say:

 “do you think Igboho is Nigeria’s problem? You think Kanu is Nigeria’s problem? With justice in our land, there will be no Kanu, there will be no Igboho. Install justice and all those things will just die down.  But keep on making them heroes, be pursing them with all your energy and you’ll see where it will end.

He quickly added, “I am not supporting anyone who is burning police stations and killing people, there’s are consequences for any illegalities. If you take laws into your hands, you’ll pay dearly for it, don’t fight useless battles”.

Pastor Bakare, who had earlier established the movement of Nigerians for Nigeria which he tagged #N4N movement also used the opportunity within his control, to re-emphasis and impress the new crusade in in the minds of his congregation and his other online audiences.

Bakare said he will champion the movement.

“I am going to champion it, (talking about the #N4N movement). It is going to go like wild fire across this nation. #N4N will be bigger than Save Nigeria Group (SNG). You have never seen anything like it before. It will be a movement propelled by God.

He stressed “#N4N is to deliver us (Nigerians) from the hands of oppressors in the mighty name of Jesus. This is a fight to finish. I am not going to die for this country, I am going to live for it. Nigeria will prosper in my life time, Nigeria will change. Nigeria will prosper. Nigeria will become great. It is the wicked that the land will vomit …

He upheld that, “… the highest office in the land is the office of the citizens; not the office of the President.  Nigeria is going to rise, they’re going to demand for their rights.  #N4N movement, he re-echoed.

In Bakare’s words:

Nigerians for Nigeria (#N4N), the time to save this country has come. The government can’t save us, the military can’t save us. Until Nigeria arise and demand for what is rightly theirs.

The Pastor suddenly screamed:

“get out of my way, get out of my way, this is the final warning. Get out of my way. Get out of my way. I loved you. I served you. I respected you. I did everything to make things work for you but you turned against me and God has turned against you. Get out of my way.”

In bold terms, the clergyman said, “and I dare you, to try to stretch your hands against me as you have done to others and you will know whether God sent me or I am just making noise”.

He continued with his audience:

“I have been telling you that there will be a new Nigeria; and I have a part to play in it. That new Nigeria is about to come into manifestation. These men you say they’re lethargic, this men you say that they’re laid back, they’re going to rise up to a kind of force you have never seen before. They’re going to demand for their rights. It is called #N4N movement.

“Britain is not going to fix this country. America will not fix this country. You’re going to rise up. You’re going to be stirred up by God. The flame and the fire of the Holy Ghost will be upon you and when you enter Jerusalem, the elders are going to be trembling saying, cometh thou peaceably?  #N4N movement begins from now. God is stirring up the spirit of Nigerians… Enough of this nonsense. Do you understand me? You will know that, when God sends a man he does not fear anybody.

It is Bakare’s believe that, because Jesus’s purpose for coming to earth was not truncated his desire for a better Nigeria will not also be truncated. “…if the princes of this world had known they would not have crucified Jesus. (Chuckles) I dare you to stretch your hands… I dare you, he declared.

“I have been on this journey for how long now and I have not backed out yet because it’s my destiny to birth the new Nigeria. It is the enemy of the new Nigeria that will vanish.

Speaking in Yoruba language, Bakare said “I went on vacation like agbo to ta di me hin… ko sa fun ‘ja… o lo gba agbara ni… it is not the man you knew that is standing before you now. At least you are going to find out, you are going to find out…

He declared, “Before tonight is over, things are happening already. I told you to get your dancing shoes for August. You’re going to dance and dance and dance because the enemies you see today, you will see them no more.

Bakare confidently added, “what you know will propel your convictions but when you don’t know, you will be throwing your hands in the air… what you know will ultimately influence your persuasion or conviction. Also what u don’t know can cause u to stumble and falter before men.

Always remember as we go on this journey that Nigeria will be saved. It is a done deal. It is signed, it is sealed. It is delivered. Quoting from Romans 8:28, it reads, “…if God be for us who can be against us. Nobody. In all these things we’re more than conquerors.

Tunde Bakare said:

“God rules in the affairs of all men and He gives it to whosoever He wills even the basest of men. It is clearly evident in how Rehoboam became king by prophecy, he was not looking for it… he met the prophet… who gave him the prophetic word as written in 1kings 12: 20 – 24. According to Pastor Bakare, “Jeroboam became king in Israel by the word of the Lord.”

And it his believe that:

“this God factor will be the game changer in Nigeria as we move (hinge) towards the change of guard in 2021 and the change of government in 2023 despite the schemes and the plotting of politicians to the contrary…

This the cleric affirmed as God’s verdict for years 2021 and 2023 respectively; and it is already in motion with strong conviction that nobody can reverse it because “this things is from the Lord”.

On restructuring, Bakare is of the opinion that, “any constitution that will not bend will (ultimately) break and those who make peaceful change impossible will only make violent change possible. We are for peace and not for war. I am for peace in this land, so may the good Lord help us and our government to make the right decisions regarding the restructuring of Nigeria before it is too late.

Pastor Tunde Bakare, as many Nigerians know, was a one-time vice presidential candidate and a hopeful next president of Nigeria.

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