Expect Two-Month Power Outage In Oregun, Omole, Magodo, and Its Environs … Ikeja Electric Announces

The Chief Technical Officer of the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company, Olajide Kumapayi, said, during a news conference on Monday, that some areas in Lagos state, between 8am to 6pm every day, would be out of power from October 11, to allow the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), upgrade and re-conduct its 132KV lines.


Kumapayi said, the exercise was the initiative of the power sector, meant to boost transmission and distribution of electricity to Nigerians.

“The TCN is currently embarking on the upgrade of the 132KV lines from Ikeja West to Ota and Alimosho in stages.

“The TCN is replacing all the aluminum conductors, with gap conductors, which is more sophisticated to withstand heat, and has more capacity to carry current. The implication of this is that from 8 am to 6 pm every day, the substations controlling these areas will be switched off, which will affect the feeders connected to them.


He added,

“This will affect all categories of customers within the area, especially our Maximum Demand (MD) customers, such as Ikeja City Mall, Police College, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, and the Ikeja High Court.”

Other areas to be affected are: Oregun, Oba Akran, Oke Ira, Ogba, Magodo, Anifowoshe, Omole Phase 1 and other areas within the business districts.


The Technical Director reiterated that, the project is not only aimed at increasing the capacity of the transmission lines, for more power generation, but that, some of 132KV lines were installed over 50 years ago, and had become obsolete and degraded, in need of replacements.

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