FAAN Suspends Airfield Staff Over Runway Incident

Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, (FAAN), Abuja, has suspended the airfield staff on duty during the incident involving Max Air aircraft, and a maintenance vehicle belonging to FAAN.


Although what could have led to an accident was averted, FAAN authorities through its spokesperson, Henrietta Yakubu (Mrs.), said, full scale investigation into the incident has commenced.


The press release by FAAN reads:


December 16, 2021


Press Release




Following an averted near incident involving a Max Air aircraft from Abuja, which landed on Runway 18L, and a maintenance vehicle belonging to the Civil Department of the Authority,  the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has suspended the airfield officer on duty at the time of the incident. 


The Authority has also commenced full scale investigation into the incident, with a view to preventing future re- occurrence of such incident. 


FAAN…. Committed to her core values of Safety, Security and Comfort.


Henrietta Yakubu (Mrs.)
General Manager, Corporate Affairs

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