Fellow Nigerians … What Do You Make Of Gov. Ikpeazu’s N500 Gifts To New Mothers???

While it is no longer news that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State, had said, women who are delivered of their babies at the Primary Health Care facilities in the state would be given N500, for whatsoever reason(s), Nigerians are still wondering what to make of the Governor’s barbaric statement.


The Governor, on Wednesday, at Channels Television’s popular programme, ‘Sunrise Daily’, said,

“Abia State has keyed into the basic health insurance for pregnant women. If you give birth in any of our centres, you get N500. Delivery is free; they give you a delivery pack, and N500, which is for the vulnerable members of the society.”


When asked what the N500 is meant for, Gov. Ikpeazu again without empathy, said,

“Are you asking a poor woman what she will do with N500? Some people don’t have it. At least it will pay ‘their’ way back home.”


Is Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu saying that, all women who came to the facility to have their babies delivered of, are poor, and vulnerable?


If that is what he is insinuating, is that not enough good reason for him to be more charitable towards the women?


Can the Governor be proud to show Nigerians a sample of the so called, ‘delivery pack?’ If at all there is one with such label.


Besides, is the state’s delivery policy actually ‘free’? as declared by the Abia state Governor.


Your comment(s) will help make sense out of the Governor’s uncouth statement.


So, join the conversation as we share our thoughts on this.

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