FFK Lacks Capacity to Build and Sustain Relationships … DG, PGF

The Director-General of Progressive Governors Forum (PGF), Dr. Salihu Lukman, has narrated why some aggrieved members of the All Progressives Congress (APC), are against Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode decamping to the party.


According to the News Agency of Nigeria, (NAN), Dr. Salihu Lukman, in a Statement titled: “APC’s High Profile Membership Recruitment and Issues for 2023″, issued on Sunday, in Abuja, gave reasons why FFK, as he is popularly called, is not expected to be welcomed in the All Progressives Congress, after his defection from a rival party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, (PDP).


Dr. Lukman said, “Fani-Kayode’s capacity to build and sustain relationships was short, not just politically, but in every aspect of his life.


He then recounted how on Thursday, September 16, 2021, the controversial FFK finds his way to APC.

“Late on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021, reports emerged that Fani-Kayode had joined the APC and was received by President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa.


The DG added,

“With the emergence of the report, public attention in the country has been dominated by negative commentaries”, especially why a person like FFK should be given such a glowing reception. A development APC leadership finds disturbing.


Dr. Lukman again said, one of the leaders of APC, to first express his displeasure about FFK’s defection to the party, was the Special Adviser to President Buhari on Political Matters, Senator Babafemi Ojudu.

According to Lukman, Sen. Ojudu was said to have lamented the reception of FFK to APC, saying that was ‘the saddest day of his political career.’


The grouse of the party’s leadership against FFK:

“The protest against Fani-Kayode joining the APC has to do with his venomous nature, he abuses, insults, and disparages everybody, almost indiscriminately.

“Almost every member of APC is angry that our leaders have brought someone like Fani-Kayode into our party. This is made worse by the red carpet reception given to him, which he doesn’t deserve.

“But since it has happened, there is no need to cry over spilled milk. What is very clear is that our leaders, especially President Buhari, have forgiven Fani-Kayode and embrace him as one of us, Lukman said.

Lukman further explained that, “as members of APC, the anger with Fani-Kayode was that he had abused the party, Buhari, and virtually every leader of the party; adding that, since the leadership of the party has accepted him, other “members of the APC should show understanding.


He lamented that, “since 2015, many opportunistic political leaders like Fani-Kayode joined the APC, got all the welcome reception, but ended up betraying the party and its leadership. To DG Lukman, APC leaders is “wrongly investing trust and confidence on the wrong people.

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