GLO Nigeria Deceased Female Accountant, Afolake Abiola, Commits Suicide … Police Report

The Lagos state Police Command spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, has confirmed that the late GLO Nigeria female accountant, Afolake Abiola, 47, died, after ingesting a particular brand of pesticides (name withheld) on Friday, at her Lekki residence in Lagos state.


Folake, reportedly drank some potion of the popular pesticide, at her number 1, Abayomi Kukomi close home, Osapa London in Lekki which resulted in her death soon afterwards.


In the words of Benjamin Hundeyin, Folake’s death was ‘pure suicide.’


He said,

“It’s true, the police were there, she drank pesticide. The family initially wrote to the police to demand her body, and the body was released on compassionate grounds. She has since been buried, she was buried on Friday, May 27.

“The whole family came together to request for the body. It’s confirmed that it was suicide; she drank pesticide. The bottle was on the floor.”


Afolake Abiola, a successful accountant with GLO Nigeria, a telecommunications giant, took her own life by ingesting pesticide.

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