Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa Felicitate With the New Olu of Warri, Advises Him Not to Allow Distractions in His Kingdom

Delta State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, who was among the eminent personalities, present at the thanksgiving ceremony of the just installed Olu of Warri, Tsola Emiko, on Sunday, August 22, 2021, has counseled the new Olu not to allow distractions in his reign as the 21st monarch of the Itsekiri kingdom and congratulated him on his ascension to the throne on behalf of the people of Delta State.


Okowa advised the Itsekiri Monarch, to be ready for work, and to be prepared to play significant roles in the land of Itsekiri and in Nigeria as a nation builder while also assuring him of government’s supports.


“You have a lot of work to do, not only in the Itsekiri nation, but across our nation Nigeria.  The nation building that you spoke about this morning, we all have a role to play. But, as the Olu of Warri, you have a lot of role to play; and therefore, we cannot afford any distractions at home, so that the larger role in the nation, will be provided enough time, to have your presence in that nation building… On behalf of the government and people of Delta State, we congratulate you.  We congratulate your family and the entire Itsekiri nation… I congratulate you because I know you’re a man of peace.


Governor Okowa, who used the opportunity to apologize for his absence at the coronation ceremony, also prayed for a peaceful reign during the period of Tsola Emiko’s reign as the new Olu of Warri kingdom.


“I wish it was possible for me to be at the two events, that took place yesterday, but it was practically impossible, but I know that my spirit was with you in the big Warri. And I did promise that, I would be at this thanksgiving, and I am glad that, God enabled me to be here.


The Delta State Governor Okowa, who believed that God Himself chose Tsola Emiko, also expressed optimism that, the rule of the new Olu, will bring peace, development and healing to Itsekiri land.


“… and I know that the Lord God has chosen you to ascend to the throne at this point in time.  We know that your reign will truly bring peace and development; and I believe the Lord God has prepared you for such a time as this. I am also aware that, there is a lot of healing process going on… it is time for healing; it is time ‘Your Majesty’ to ensure that, the entirety of the kingdom come together. Whether people are stubborn or not, we must still extend the olive branch to them; and I know that, it will be well with the Itsekiri nation in your time.


He prayed:

“The Lord God will truly be with you. May His presence, the presence of the living God, be with you on this throne, and may His mercy rest with you and may His glory rest in this palace in Jesus name.

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