Hold Your Governors Responsible For Insecurity In Your States … Pastor Ashimolowo

The president and senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre,(KICC), Global, Matthew Ashimolowo, has advised citizens of Nigeria, especially in each state of the federation, to hold  the leaders responsible and accountable for the problems of insecurity bedeviling the nation.


Pastor Ashimolowo who doubles as the Chancellor of Kings University, Ode-Omu, gave this advice while speaking at the institution’s convocation ceremony, held over the weekend.


In his speech titled, ”Everybody Must Have A Why”,  Ashimolowo said,

“The challenge  of security in Nigeria is a systemic failure and that is my opinion…”

“What we needed to do know is to challenge our governors because they are the chief security officers of their perspective states. We must ask why, and how we got to this pitiable condition, as a people and as a country. The governors must answer the question Why they are governors.”


The cleric continued,

“There is a claim that each governors collected as much as N600 million monthly, as security vote. I dont know whether that is correct. But if it is true, the governors must explain to their people, what they are doing with such humongous allocation. We must also ask them  how come the bandits, terrorists, and kidnappers are operating freely in their states.”


Pastor Ashimolowo affirmed,

“I am a Nigerian, and I was born in Nigeria. I was born in the northern part of Nigeria. I was born in Zaria, but I grew up in the barracks.

“I can speak the three major languages fluently. I remember in those days, you could go anywhere in the north without any serious threat.”


He again opined that, “One of the worst states in Nigeria, is Kaduna State.”

He emphasized,

“Yes, I can say that openly, and I can challenge Governor  Nasir El-Rufai, because he is the governor, but I am older than him. Like I told you, I have lived there before, because I was born in the barracks. The situation was not like that in those days; we move freely in the north without any fear.”

The cleric therefore submitted that, rather than Nigerians praying and praying for an end to insecurity, individual state governors should be queried.

He said,

“People just believe that the church should pray. I am a completely different person. I think we have prayed enough. What we need to do now is to challenge our governors …who, constitutionally, are the Chief Securuty Officers, (CSOs) of their respective states …”


He however, expressed joy over having an institution like the Kings University, in a rural area like Ode-Omu, which he credited to the prevailing peaceful co-existence among the people of the State.

“I feel great and excited that, a University of this status can be in a rural community.”

He charged the graduating students to strive for excellence in their various fields of endeavor; adding that they must be able to give a positive answer to why they studied the course they chose.

“Everybody must ask why? Even the students too must ask why I studied the course that I have chosen.”

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