Hope for Sickle Cell Patients As Adakveo Crizanlizumab Is Unveiled

It is victory at last for sickle cell warriors across the world as a new drug called Crizanlizumab has been discovered to aid the pains of sufferers.


Dr. Bola Owolabi, Director, Health Inequalities At NHS England, United Kingdom, on Arise News TV gave the cheering news; adding that, the drug is now available in Nigeria.


Commending her colleagues, in the pharmaceutical sector, who worked hard to see that the drug is certified for use, Dr. Owolabi believes that in few years time, about 5,000 carries must have received treatment using Crizanlizumab.


According to Novartis medical experts, Crizanlizumab drug,  is meant to be intravenous (injected into vein), but it can also be taken on its own or alongside standard treatment and regular blood transfusions.


However, Arise News TV, during the programme, agreed to fund the drug in Nigeria, as part of its corporate social responsibility, CSR.


President of Sickle Cell Foundation,  Professor Olu Akinyanju, OON, who was also featured on the programme, rejoiced that such drug as Crizanlizumab is now available In Nigeria.


Prof. Akinyanju lauded Arise News TV, for taking up the challenge to fund the Crizanlizumab drug in Nigeria.


The treatment for the sickle cell disease, approved in England by the National Health Service (NHS), is the first in years to help control the pains and frequent hospitalization of sufferers.

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