I Have Nothing Against Uche Secondus, Absolutely Nothing Personal, But his Management Style … Chief Bode George

Chief Bode George, a chieftain of Peoples’ Democracy Party (PDP) and a member of the Board of Trustees said on Arise News TV that he has nothing personal against the party’s national chairman, Uche Secondus.


Chief George:

“I have absolutely nothing personal with our chairman. What I have against him is his management style. We can’t agree without being disagreeable. …there’s nothing personal between me and ‘Total’, that is his nick name.


After laying the foundation, Chief George, who had also being the party’s vice chairman at different times said:

“You must talk if you love the party; if you re concern about the party if you’re dedicated and loyal to the party, you must talk.  So, we cannot keep quiet because we’re heading now to 2023. There are still so many things to be done.


He stressed that because the Party’s constitution must be followed, things must be rightly done:

“I have said it severally that this party is not a private company because the constitution must be followed to the letter. Once you start deviating and redefining the constitution of the party, the elders must raise their voices and say, ‘no, stop it there, you’re taking us to hell.’


For clarity, Chief George highlighted:

“They (referring to party National Working Committee) discussed it yesterday and the outcome what absolutely acceptable to everybody. So, I have nothing personal between me and ‘Total’ (Uche Secondus).  He knows what I have done for him in the past, I have assisted him. But now, when things are going wrong and the party is wobbling, we got to talk because, look at the state of the nation, Nigerians are looking for our party to get themselves organized to be able to give a really strong punch during the next set of elections. That’s all. I have nothing against him, absolutely nothing.


He continued,

“… Because if your party is wobbling and you cannot shoot from that platform, how can you punch?  So I am happy with the decision … in fact I have said it severally that there will be no need for them to be fired.  What they need to do is to set up a National Electoral Committee (NEC) or the Convention Committee…So it is not a personal thing, we should follow the constitution, period.


When asked why he feels PDP Chairman Secondus is running the party as his private company, he responded thus:

“If you’re discussing about private company, and if you’re a sole proprietor and you dictate whatsoever anybody wants, you don’t even need to ask from your company, you do it as a sole trader and that’s the kind of attitude… (he paused)


Chief George continued:

“We have the constitution of the party. Once you start disregarding the tenets … and you’re undermining all the thoughts put together to get the guideline …(pause again) the constitution is your bible you can’t afford to deviate or work outside it. We have a court judgment which says the constitution must be defined and you still have the arrogance to say …. that’s a misnomer.


The chieftain stated, “…Because the Board of Trustees, are the real owners of the company, who can call the shot, no one can go outside the party constitution to operate.


In Chief Bode George’s word:

“NWC is divided, heavily divided.  If the centre is not good, how can the national body be? As a live member of the Board of Trustee, it is our responsibility to call them to order and the only way to do it is what happened yesterday. We look at it truthfully, the discussion was very successful and now they have come to a conclusion and that conclusion must be taken to length because that is the most next powerful audit in our party.


The PDP elder stressed,

“…the National Convention Committee (NCC) will now manage all the whole national congresses.  They will take over the workings in the party from wards to national level… When we get to the national convention, we must talk, we must keep talking … these are the things we do normally as a party.


Chief Bode George however agreed that crisis is part of any organization but the approach to resolving the crisis is what matters.


“…Once you have a congregation they must disagree on certain issues because the constitution that was put together was consultation of everybody who were members of the party… so, no organization that wouldn’t have crisis whether political or not. But the measure of your competence is by rising above crisis and resolving the problems. Once you bring issues for discussion, we will debate it for or against it; that’s how people will know that you’re confident, that you’re a gentleman … that’s what I know as democracy.

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