I Have Told My Truth to President Buhari Because I Love Him … Because I Do Not Want Nigeria to Go Down the Precipice … Pastor Tunde Bakare

Pastor Tunde Bakare, a one-time vice presidential candidate and the senior pastor of Citadel Global Community Church, Lagos, who made news rounds on various platforms in Nigeria last week, seems not to be ‘calming down’ on matters that concerns the state of the nation and the silence of President Muhammadu Buhari on ills that have become overwhelming and pandemic in Nigerian.


Bakare, also made it clear that, he is unapologetic about his utterances on Sunday July 25th, concerning the shortcomings of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. He said he cannot deceive or flatter the President because according to him, “a true friend does not flatter his friend.”


The cleric stated that, since he has chosen not to grant any ‘exclusive’ interview to the press, he has to state reasons for his reaction on July 25th during his sermon presentation.  He said, the message is against those pushing Nigeria to the precipice; and to clear the air concerning his affinity with President Buhari occasioned by the administration’s failures.


Bakare stated:  “I am fully persuaded that any friendship that stopped never started. Genuine friendship is very scare in this fallen world whereas false friends and true enemies are common place.  Nevertheless it is my considered opinion that truth should not and must issues not be sacrificed on the altar of friendship. True friends are the ones that tells themselves the truth, no matter how bitter or unpalatable.


He continued:  “Truth must never be sacrificed on the altar of friendship. Never. However, the standard of God’s word is that a friend must love at all times. And, if a king is wise, his true friends should be those with pure heart and grace on their lips. The responsibility of such friends is to give delight to the king by hearty counsel. That’s their job. Their job is not to flatter the king, their job is not to massage his ego in private most often and all the time and when he’s not listening, stand up publicly and declare the truth. You’ll be saving your friend and you’ll be saving yourself.


“By the grace of God Almighty, who judge the quick and the dead, that I have done this repeatedly behind the scene without fail, at every God given opportunity in the past and I’ll continue to do so as God enables me in the future.” Bakare still on giving President Buhari wise counsels.



It is however, Bakare’s opinion that if the President Buhari listen to wise counsels and do what is right, he may not be going for medical tourism.


In Pastor Tunde Bakare’s words: “May be, just maybe… just maybe, if we ‘re convicted of our sins and we repent of them, maybe we’ll spend less money on medication, we’ll spend less money on medical tourism, in order to have good health. Maybe if you remain right, think right, talk right, live right, God in his infinite mercy who heals, can bring perfect health into the life of the President. Just maybe.


Bakare affirmed that: “Those who try to exonerate a leader and blame the blunders of his administration on his handlers have neither read nor master the good book namely the Bible.

He opined: “Whenever a leader or a ruler begins to pay attention to lies the bible says the servants will be wicked.  According to the Pastor, “likes attracts likes, a leader who delights being fed with lies will attract wicked servants to himself. Therefore, such a leader cannot blame his handlers, his aides and his servants for the shortcomings and blunders of his government, as they say, the bulk stops at his table.


Tunde Bakare said, “Rather than blaming and abusing those at power, around the throne, it is incumbent on the head of government or leader to identify such men and show them the way out, that’s why there must be a reshuffling of this cabinet, and that’s the change of guard in 2021.


Commenting on Sunday igboho’s ordeals, Bakare reiterated that, “It is absolutely wickedness and abuse of power to go into private citizen’s home in the dead of the night.  You cannot go into the privacy of a man’s home and call yourself.. secret service or people serving the nation  and destroy and kill and maim…” and with a word of caution, he said, “you’re not the Almighty. God will deal with you… I see the consequences of moral turbo, this is serious matter…


Bakare blamed everyone involved in Igboho’s arrest, he said: “Everyone involved, why don’t you simply arrest him and prosecute him.”  He added that, “There is no rule of law in this land, but “there is rules of laws.”


His advice to security men in Nigeria: “I want to tell security men who always obey the last order, you have to obey genuine and good command alone, you’ll pay for it first… there’s blood in your hands except you repents. And if blood does anything, it cries from the ground, the cleric emphasized.


Pastor Tunde Bakare, bringing his five point statement to rest said, “The true enemies of those in power are those who flatter them or massage their egos. A good man must not speak flatteries to his friend.  Such an act will not go unpunished both to the flattered and the flatterer.


He stressed, “The reason I cannot deal with flatteries and falsehood no matter how seemly the beneficial it may be, is that in the long run it is a sure passport to an early grave. Those who want to die before their time can embark on such fruitless venture… but I cannot and by the grace of God, I will not.

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