Interim National Govt. Was A Terrible Set-Up … Chief Olusegun Osoba

Chief Olusegun Osoba, the former governor of Ogun state, has said, the Interim National Government headed by the late Chief Ernest Shonekan was a terrible set-up.


Chief Osoba said, the set-up was orchestrated by the military government against late Chief Shonekan, and late Chief MKO Abiola.

He said, the political situation that brought Shonekan into power as the head of government for the space of three months, was a tension soaked one in the terrain of Nigeria as at that time.


Chief Osoba reiterated that, because late General Sani Abacha wanted to get rid of Shonekan’s government that time, he called late Chief MKO Abiola, who was in the UK back then to come to Nigeria in a deceitful bid in order to cause more havoc in the already troubled country.

Osoba said, while this was going on, Abacha was busy strategizing on how to upstage Chief Shonekan as the head of government, who was pressured in the first instance to be the head of the interim national government.


The former Ogun governor therefore upheld that, the interim government was a high powered conspiracy theory, especially on the part of Abacha to outsmart other leaders like Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, and to unseat Chief Shonekan.

Chief Osoba submitted that, Ernest Shonekan was just innocently used by the military juntas, (IBB and Abacha) to achieve their goals.


He stated that, not too long, just in the space of three months, Shonekan was ousted in a palace coup by Abacha who was the then chief of defense staff seeking to be the head of state.


Chief Olusegun Osoba however lauded late Ernest Shonekan’s legacy especially in the economic sector.

He said Chief Shonekan’s economic ideas brought development to the country, adding that, most of the government reservation areas in the southwest were Chief Shonekan’s ideas.

Osoba again affirmed that, it was Shonekan’s idea that moved UAC company from a trading company to an asset company, from which the company is still benefiting till today.


Chief Osoba afterwards submitted that, the late Nigerian leader, Chief Ernest Adegunle Oladeinde Shonekan, GCFR, was a humble and a gentleman to the core, who made his mark in the corporate world.

He affirmed that the late Chief Shonekan remains a gentleman despite the numerous issues that surrounded his interim government.


Osoba said, Shonekan’s death, (1936 – 2022), was a painful loss to those close to him; especially himself (Olusegun Osoba) who was a close ally of his family.

Chief Osoba said this, during a chat with Arise News TV on Wednesday.

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