Iroko TV Boss:  Don’t Be In A Hurry ‘To Make It’, I was Broke At 30, Living With My Mum

Iroko TV Chief Executive Officer, Jason Njoku, has appealed to Nigerian youths, to stop being in a hurry to ‘make it quick’ before they clock 30.


Jason Njoku, who encouraged youths on his social media platform, also said, the growing pressure and trend to succeed before age 30, common among youths, is not only worrisome but also strange.


The Iroko boss said, at age 30, he was still living with his mother, had no girlfriend, no assets, and that he was very broke.  He said, all that he had in life then was, his second hand laptop and his Iroko TV idea; the idea that failed up to ten (10) times before it was finally embraced by its consumers.


Businessman Njoku added that, despite all the obvious challenges, he still managed to enjoy his life.  He emphasized that, it is absolutely unnecessary and strange to worry over such debate of ‘getting rich before 30 years.’


The ‘make it quick syndrome before age 30’, is a growing trend among youths these days, which probably, is the cause of the increasing rate of crime in the country. These days, some youths or young adults, go to any length, to make statement(s) that, they have ‘arrived’. A growing and worrisome trend common among many youths.

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