Is Baba Suwe’s Son Backlashes On Social Media Really Necessary ???

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The son of late Babatunde Omidina, alias ‘Baba Suwe’, who at this time, is mourning the demise of his father, has been receiving some backlashing comments on social media, for uploading the video, and images of his late father’s corpse online.


While the reason(s) for his action is unclear, SarahReports team seeks to hear public opinion on the ‘innocent’ action of the late veteran’s son, who is simply identified online as Junior Omidina.


Baba Suwe, after several rumours of his death few years back, was finally and officially confirmed dead by his family members yesterday, November 22, 2021.


Some fans, and other followers of the late legend, however, find it very uncomfortable, for his son to upload his lifeless body on the internet for public view.


SarahReports aim for this post is therefore, to know, if the son of the foremost comedian, Baba Suwe, is wrong for uploading the lifeless picture(s) of his late father on social media platforms since he is not really the first, and probably, may not be the last, for doing such, especially in this social media age.

3 Replies to “Is Baba Suwe’s Son Backlashes On Social Media Really Necessary ???”

  1. Uploading stuff online requires discretion. Yes, it is great to share our situations, experiences including moments of mourning… but then we should also be sensitive to the sensibilities of others and the timing of our sharing. Photos of corpses? Not very nice please. That said, commenters should be mild on the man — he is still mourning. Maybe sharing these photos is his way of experiencing closure.

  2. Viewers discretion should always be sought when images or videos that can be disturbing, however, with the addiction to social media by many, it has become a phenomenon that has come to stay, if not checked.

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