Just In: Babatunde Omidina, Alias, Baba Suwe, Is Dead

Babatunde Omidina, popularly called ‘Baba Suwe’, a Nigerian comedian, entertainer, and veteran actor, is dead.


Born on August 22, 1958, Baba Suwe died at age 63, after a long battle with an undisclosed illness.


Comedian Omidina dominated the Yoruba movie industry for decades, and featured in several movies; with many awards to his credit.


He was the husband of late Omoladun Omidina, a comedienne, who died in September 2009.


He was survived by his children, and family members.


However, no press statement has been released by the movie practitioners regarding the news of Baba Suwe’s death, as at the time of writing this report.

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