Just In: Go And Sin No More, NA Tells Released Female Soldier Who Accepted Marriage Proposal From Male NYSC Member In Kwara State

The Nigeria Army has magnanimous released the detained female soldier, Private Hannah Sofiat Akinlabi, who accepted a marriage proposal from a male youth corp member.


Recall that female soldier Akinlabi was seen in a video that went viral on the social media earlier this month, accepting the marriage proposal from a youth corp member while on uniform.


This according to the NA, is ‘fraternization’ which is against the military code of conduct, and ethics of the military profession; and therefore, a ‘punishable’ offense.


However, luck came to the side of the female soldier, Sofiat Akinlabi on Saturday December 25th, being Christmas Day, as she was set free after days in detention, and asked to go and ‘sin no more.’


Parents of Sofiat, Mr. and Mrs. Akinlabi, had earlier pleaded with the NA, to let go of their daughter, who according to them, have been in a relationship with the youth corp member three years prior to the incident.


According to NA spokesman, Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, who confirmed the release of the 24 years old female soldier, Sofiat’s release is necessary for her to enjoy Christmas Day celebrations with her family, and friends, but not without a serious warning “for her not to repeat such act again.”


Information gathered revealed that, the incident which happened at the National Youth Service Corps orientation camp in Yikpata, Kwara State, met the frown of Captain MM Abdulahi, the Kwara State NYSC Camp Commandant, who ordered Sofiat’s detention pending further investigations.


Captain Abdulahi was said to have detained the female soldier on the grounds that, “she was not due for marriage , romancing on uniform publicly, absent on parade, indiscriminate behaviour, doing other things aside from her purpose in NYSC camp, disobedience to standing order of social media rule, and disobedience to ethics and tradition of the Nigerian Army.”


Notwithstanding, Private Hannah Sofiat Akinlabi’s detention, generated widespread condemnation from Nigerians home and abroad; which probably, necessitated her timely release.

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