Just In:  Lagos State Lawmakers Review Ex Governors’ Pension, Other Benefits

The Lagos state House of Assembly led by Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, has reviewed the pension allowance and other accruing benefits given to ex governors in the state.


The Thursday August 5th statement, issued by the state assembly, revealed that, the 50% decrease became necessary after the House Committee on Establishment reached the decision and recommended a slash in the former governors’ pension and that of some officials in the state.


The Committee also removed the provision of houses in Abuja and Lagos respectively for retired governors as earlier stipulated by the law already in operation in the state.


Besides, it is again reported that, the number of vehicles former governors are entitled to has reduced from three to two vehicles.


The Speaker of the House, Hon. Obasa suggested that, a car and a van be given to the ex-administrators instead of the three earlier allocated to them. He added that, the cars should however, be changed every four years instead of the three years earlier stipulated in the Lagos state constitution.

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  1. Good one by the State House of Assembly.
    I just hope the deduction will not find its abracadabra way back into their pockets.
    I’m not being cynical. Nigeria just makes sure of these sordid things. Thanks for this info.

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