Lace Or Ankara? Another Kidnappers’ Coded Language

Interesting headline you say; but it is filled with in-depth meaning, and as we say in our local pidgin parlance, “na who know, know.”


SarahReports team came across this interesting information, written by an unknown person, describing another way an individual can quickly know, if he/she has just boarded a ‘one chance’ (kidnappers) vehicle; be it a bus, mini bus (korope), cab, tricycle, taxi, or any other means of transportation.


The information reads:


Please be informed, if you’re in a car, bus or keke, where the driver is

making a call saying ‘LACE or ANKARA’, he/she is probably a kidnapper.

Quietly step down immediately because LACE means Male, ANKARA means female; and this can be either ways.


In recent times, activities of ‘human merchants’ are daily increasing with many unsuspecting victims gone. Such recent case is that of Oluwabamise Ayanwole, the 22 year old fashion designer, who met her death even in a government owned BRT bus.


It is therefore time, to be our brothers/sisters keepers, by deliberately and intentionally watching each other’s back.


These days, one has to be smart, sensitive enough, to foresee danger(s), and act fast to prevent being a victim.


The Lagos state government, in the bid to also help its citizenry, has issued a helpline to call when in danger.

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