Lagos GAC Does not Own APC … Oluwo

The chairman/coordinator of Ambode Campaign Organization (AMCO), Olawale Oluwo, has affirmed that, the Lagos state Governors’ Advisory Council (GAC) does not own the state APC and that the Council should stop parading itself as the owner of Lagos APC.


Oluwo, who was unapologetic in his utterances during the chat with a Lagos based media outlet, emphasized that, GAC is like any other Non Governmental Organization (NGO) known by the state; but that the group, headed by Asiwaju Tinubu has so much arrogated power to itself dictating the affairs of Lagos state especially in electoral matters and politics.


In Oluwo’s words, “GAC has held Lagos hostage since 1999. There is monopoly of power in Lagos state. Next year (2023) will make it exactly 24 years since the Council monopolized Lagos state. GAC does not own the party (APC); GAC is just a personal structure put together by powers that be (‘the baba sopes’) of Lagos state. APC is not GAC… Let GAC show us the blueprint for Lagos.”


Mr. Olawale Oluwo again emphasized that, AMCO is not in support of Asiwaju Tinubu’s presidential ambition, but that, he (Tinubu) has the right to contest at the 2023 presidential elections as a free-born Nigerian.

“We’re not in support of Tinubu. He can pursue his presidential ambition, he has the right to contest, but we’re not supporting him.”


Oluwo, who was the former Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources in Lagos state, said, he is readily available if AMCO group nominate him as their governorship candidate in the forthcoming election. He however stressed that, the leadership of AMCO will soon be announced soon but that the group is owned by the Lagos state former boss, Akinwunmi Ambode.

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