Lamentations Of Zamfara State Commissioner: Banditry Has Become A Big Business In Nigeria

The Zamfara state Commissioner of Information, Ibrahim Dosara, has lamented how some unscrupulous Nigerians are busy making money from the unfortunate situations of bandits numerous attack of innocent citizens in the state.


Commissioner Dosara, who spoke on Arise News TV on Friday, January 14th, reported that, a bottle of Coca-Cola costs N1000 in the enclaves of the bandits, and a loaf of bread, which goes between N200 to N400, is sold for an exorbitant price of N2000 in the bandits den.


Dosara added that, some indigenes even supply insurgents with premium motor spirit, popularly called ’fuel’, while some of them organize ladies (girls) to the criminal elements to satisfy their urges.


The Commissioner stated that, during the invasion, apart from lives lost, houses were burnt, and properties destroyed.


Ibrahim Dosara explained that, about 4000 bandits stormed Anka community in the state, and unleashed mayhem on the people.


He stressed that, but for the swift intervention of the military, casualties recorded would have exceeded over 200 people.


He however submitted that, the state government intervened in the situation by providing the affected victims with food, blankets, toiletries, and other items, useful for their stay at the Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) camps.


Dosara also opined that, the bandits were able to cause much damage during the attack, not only because they outnumbered the military personnel, but for the fact that, the necessary modern equipment to confront the bandits were not at the soldiers disposal.


On if the clampdown of telecommunications services in the state was not effective, Dosara said, despite the government efforts, bandits still managed to communicate with people using neighbouring countries telecom lines.

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