Lawless Student Beats Teacher to Stupor in Ogun State

A Mathematics teacher, simply identified as Mr. Owolabi, has been reportedly beaten mercilessly by a lawless male student, after he was stopped by the teacher from assaulting a female student.


The incident was said to have happened on Tuesday, at the Itori Comprehensive High School,  in the Yewa-North of Ogun state.


Reports have it that, the unnamed student just walked into the classroom during an ongoing mathematics session, pounced on the female student, beating her uncontrollably, for an offense known only to the unruly male student. When the surprised teacher asked him why?, he left the female student for the teacher, beating him harshly for daring to query his barbaric actions.


The teacher was said to have been rushed to the hospital, soon after the unpleasant experience.


The situation was however, brought under control, with the help of the Amotekun Corp members, who  happened to be present around the school premises as at the time the incident happened.


The unmannered male student has since been apprehended, and taken to the police station for interrogation; while the teacher is still receiving treatment in an undisclosed hospital.


The Ogun state Police command, is yet to make an official statement concerning the occurrence.

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  1. What an audaciously mannerless behaviour. If this student is not dealt with accordingly, a precedent would have been set.
    I hope the authorities will do the needful

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