Lightning Strikes Kill Eleven in India While Taking Selfies

Reports have it that “lightning killings” is a common occurrence in the India metropolis since the 1960s; and that no fewer than 2,000 Indians on average, have been killed by lightning strikes since 2004.

The strike, that witnessed the death of eleven, mostly young people, while taking selfies in the rain atop, a watch tower on Sunday 11th, took place at the 12th century Amer Fort in the northern province of Jaipur.

27 people were reported to be on the tower when the incident happened. While many of them quickly jumped down from the tower before it was too late, the other 11 victims were not so fortunate, as the lightning strikes consumed them.

Indian local media also reported that, nine more people were killed in a similar event at Rajasthan, still in the Jaipur province of the country.

In an incident blamed on climate change, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) also reported that the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, recorded deaths of 36,749 people within 13 hours to lightning strikes in 2018; an occurrence which the department said has doubled since the 1960s.

Indian Officials, have however reiterated that, lightning strikes is mostly common in regions with thinner trees which make indigenes vulnerable to being struck and that families of victims will be compensated.

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