“Look for Green Vegetation to Feed your Cattle, But Don’t Let It Enter Other Persons’ Farms … Gov. Udom on Anti-Open Grazing Law

Akwa-Ibom Governor, Emmanuel Udom, has said, he will not allow cattle straying in the State going forward.


He said, the State has made adequate provision for a good location as ranches for herders since Akwa Ibom State has enough vegetation for animal feeds.


The Governor on Thursday, said this on Arise News TV, during an interview session.


Udom said, the needless clashes between farmers and herders will stop across the country once the anti-open grazing law is fully implemented in different states.

He said,

“I keep saying, cattle rearers (herders) and cassava farmers are all doing something to earn a living.  So, don’t allow what you’re doing to affect what another person is doing. Rear your cattle in an orderly manner, so that the cassava farmer can also harvest his own cassava; bring it to the market, sell it, and use the money to buy your beef. So don’t use your cattle to destroy the farmers’ farmland and at the end of the day, you live and you destroy the economy of another person; that should not happen at all.


Gov. Udom continued,

“I am one person who believes things can be done in an orderly manner… When we try to tell people, ‘do things right’, ‘do things well’, everybody just frown, everybody tries to raise all kinds of sentiments. I don’t play on sentiment.


The Akwa-Ibom State Governor affirmed,

“I have called the people who are into that business … Please don’t allow what you are doing to affect what another person is doing. That is the whole message about this anti-open grazing law… we are just trying to be civil here in Akwa-Ibom.


He believed that because the State is blessed with green vegetation and abundant rainfall, there is likely not to be problems of adherence between the parties involved.


He emphasized,

“Thank God we are blessed with fantastic green vegetation … So, you don’t need to bring your cattle to Airport Road, and you don’t need to bring them to primary schools.


Gov. Udom continued,

“There are times pupils are in school, cattle will invade the entire school compound and you see pupils running helter skelter. No governor will allow that … So we say, we can give you a space. There is no place you enter in Akwa Ibom that you will not find water. So you don’t need to go a long distance to find a river. Look for green vegetation to feed your cattle, but don’t let it enter other persons’ farms; that is what we are against, it can embarrass us. That should not call for alarm. I am just on the side of law, doing what is right.


He added,

“I have told people concern and they accept it… Where ever they are, there cattle can do very well; and they have agreed to comply with it. I don’t think there will be any controversy or any issue. Let us just stay on the cause of natural justice and everything will be alright…

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