Matthew Ashimolowo Appoints His Son, Tobi, As UK Resident Pastor 2

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, founder and Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre, (KICC), has appointed his first son, Tobi Ashimolowo, as the United Kingdom, (UK), Resident Pastor 2, of the ministry.


According to Matthew Ashimolowo, this is necessary so that Tobi, (his son), can assist his mother, Yemisi Ashimolowo, in leading the church affairs in the United Kingdom.


Yemisi Ashimolowo, also wife of Matthew Ashimolowo, has been the resident Pastor 1 of the church all the while.


Senior Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo, while disclosing this on Sunday morning, said,

“In a very major way from this morning, we will no longer have one resident pastor.”


The KICC founder continued,

“Yemisi has always been our Resident Pastor, so she will be Resident Pastor 1. Our new Resident Pastor 2 is Pastor Tobi Ashimolowo.”


KICC founder Ashimolowo added that, going forward, Tobi “has to take some serious responsibilities”, with an affirmative statement that, “These guys are retiring their father.”


While it is not clear if the 69 years old Senior Pastor Ashimolowo will be ‘retiring’ soon, he prayed that his son (Tobi) be anointed and favoured by God; and that God will use him in this generation.


Prior to Tobi Ashimolowo’s appointment as the KICC, Resident Pastor 2, in London, UK, he is the  founder of a high-end store for men’s wear and accessories.


Tobi is the eldest of Matthew Ashimolowo’s two sons.

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