MC Oluomo’s ‘Obaship’ Agenda Cannot Be… Royal Family

While it is not certain of what to make of Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo’s insistence to be the crowned Oba of Oshodi in Lagos state, the Oshodi-Tapa Chieftaincy Family, in support of the Olushi Onigbesa royal family have jointly said, that can never be possible.


Although MC Oluomo, has not made any official statement concerning the rumoured news that he hopes to become the Oba of Oshodi, his spokesperson, Jimoh Buari, said, the Lagos state chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, (NURTW), will make his intentions known at the right time.


SarahReports had earlier reported how the Olushi Onigbesa royal family of Lagos state, had frowned at Musiliu Akinsanya’s aim at becoming a King in the state.


According to the statement issued by the royal family, MC Oluomo, is ‘not eligible’ to be appointed as an Oba in Lagos state because, he is not a part of the royal family.


Similarly, on Wednesday, January 26th, during a press briefing, the Chairman of Oshodi-Tapa Chieftaincy Family, Maroof-deen Oshodi, had also clearly stated that, MC Oluomo has no right to be  enthroned as an Oba in Lagos and thus, he should stop his plans to be one.


Maroof-deen Oshodi, with other members of the Oshodi royal family, Surakat Oshodi, the head of the Oshodi royal family, and Gboyega Oshodi, as well as other members of the family, while addressing journalists in Lagos, rubbished MC Oluomo’s moves to ascend to any  throne in the state.


The leadership of the royal family also refuted Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo’s claims that, the royal family has endorsed him as the Oba of Oshodi.

Maroof-deen, who spoke on behalf of the Oshodi family emphasized that, the Oshodi-Tapa Chieftaincy Family, the owner and controller of Oshodi town in the Oshodi Isolo Local Government Area, have not called for candidature, not to talk of endorsing anyone as MC Oluomo is claiming.


Spokesman Maroof-deen Oshodi reiterated that, as far as the royal family is concerned, it remains a rumour that, Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Olumo, hopes to be an Oba in Oshodi when he is not even a member of the Oshodi-Tapa Chieftaincy Family.


Maroof-deen upheld that, the family had instituted a case in the court, published an advertorial, and written to the government, to alert the authorities, and Lagosians, of MC Oluomo’s attempts, to usurp the royal stool; adding that, if the rumoured news that MC Oluomo wishes to be the Oba of Oshodi continues unchallenged, Nigerians may take it it as the truth; and that, that is why the family members have called for the press meeting to alert the public.


The Olushi Onigbesa royal family had also made an appeal to the Lagos state Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to stop MC Oluomo’s attempts to become a king in the State because it may lead to “communal crisis, breakdown of law and order, and bloodshed in Oshodi community, if urgent action is not taken.”


The Olushi Onigbesa royal family also appealed to the state government that, “MC Oluomo should be stopped from soliciting to become the Oba of Oshodi, or laying claim to the Obaship stool.”

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