Mr. President Must Apologize To Nigerians And Resign … Edo State Activist, Patrick Elohor

An Edo state based Nigerian activist, Patrick Eholor, has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to resign from office, following his statement on Thursday, during a chat with the Nigerian Television Authority, (NTA), that, old age is telling on him.


While many Nigerians on the social media frowned at Mr. President’s statement, activist Eholor has outrightly called on President Buhari to resign “as a mark of honour, than to hold onto office for the next 17 months.”


Patrick Elohor said, “If a man comes out clearly to say he is weak, and age is telling on him, he should just resign.”


In the opinion of activist Elohor, Nigeria is going to suffer more, and the economy will continue to dwindle for another 17months if Mr. President did not resign from his Aso Rock office within the next few 17 months.


According to Mr. Elohor, it is unacceptable for Nigerians to continue to suffer under the 79 years old President Buhari who is already complaining of the effects of old age on him.


Patrick Elohor, who bitterly complained about the obvious negative situations in the country, upheld that, President Buhari should not only resign, but that he should apologize to Nigerians, who he had promised to better their lives on assumption of office but failed to do so.

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