Myself And Jagaban Are “Age Mates” … Sen. Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani has said, ‘Jagaban’ Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), and himself, Shehu Sani, are “age mates.”


In the words of Senator Shehu Sani,

“Jagaban is not as old as you portray him. We are both young guys and age mates.”


Shehu Sani made the statement when he uploaded the picture of Jagaban, and himself, on his Twitter page on the night of Thursday 20th of January, 2022 around 11:25am.


The immediate past Senator, who represented Kaduna Central Senatorial District, had earlier this month, declared his intention to run for the Kaduna state governorship seat in the 2023 elections year.


Sani had said, he will be contesting for the governorship position in order “to clear the rot of APC government in the state.”


In response, APC had also told Sani that, the position of a state governor is not for “idle bloggers”, but for serious minded persons like the incumbent governor Nasir El-Rufai.


While it is not very clear who the APC party was referring to as “idle bloggers”, it is also unclear, what to make of this recent development of Shehu Sani calling Jagaban, the former Lagos state governor his “age mate”, even with an addendum that, “Jagaban is not as old as you, (people) portray him. We are both young guys, and age mates.”


Uploading the picture of himself, and Jagaban, with such information, in such a time like this, may mean a lot to Senator Shehu Sani, who uploaded the picture.


It is therefore not out of place to say that, it is only Senator Sani who can accurately tell Nigerians what exactly he is up to.


Or should Nigerians just take it as another comic relief for a stress soaked nation like ours?


A quick research into the ages of Jagaban and Sani confirmed Tinubu to be 69 years; and Sani, 54.


How then can 54 years old Shehu Sani, born 29 October 1967, be age-mates with 69 years old Jagaban Asiwaju Tinubu, born 29 March, 1952?


Again, is there more to this???

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