NA Frowns At Female Soldier Romance With A Male Corp Member, Calls ‘Fraternization’, Gross Misconduct

People call it ‘romance,’ Nigeria Army calls it ‘gross misconduct’ and ‘fraternization’ with a corp member, after a female soldier accepted the proposal of a male corp member in a video that went viral last week.


The incident, which happened at the Yikpata orientation camp of the National Youth Service Corps, (NYSC), in Kwara state, met with the frowned faces of top military officials who considered it a gross violation of the laid down ethics and rules of engagement of the NA.


According to NA spokesperson, Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, the public would not have considered it ‘romance’ if it was a male soldier that was involved in the ‘lovey dovey’, they would have seen it as the female corp member being taken advantage of.


He said,

“If I may ask, what if the soldier was a male? How would the public have perceived his action? Definitely, it would have been perceived as taking advantage of a female corper, a trainee, put in his care for training.”


NA spokesman added,

“The same applies here. The Nigerian military, like all others, has its disciplinary codes, distinct from that of the general society. Every personnel has voluntarily undertaken to be bound by this code.”


Brig. Gen. Nwachukwu therefore clearly stated that, the military considered the affairs as ‘fraternization’ because “it is an act of indiscipline for a trainer to engage in an affair, with her trainee”, especially while in uniform.


He upheld that:

“The Nigerian Army has Codes of conduct, Rules and regulations guiding our personnel whenever and wherever they are deployed for duty.”


“We have ethics, customs and traditions, which have the force of law and are enforceable as such.”


“These are meant to guide service personnel, and better position them to efficiently execute the critical, onerous, and consistently hazardous profession of the arms.”


Onyema Nwachukwu then submitted that,


“The female soldier in question violated the following rules of the NA:


“Firstly, fraternization while on official duty at the NYSC camp. That is, indulging in amorous relationship with a trainee.”



“Secondly, a personnel must have served for three years, before he/she can qualify for marriage.”


“Thirdly, she disobeyed the Armed Forces of Nigeria standing guidelines and directives for the use of Social Media.”


“Fourthly, indulging in romance while in uniform, and fifthly, her conduct was prejudicial to good order and military discipline.”


Nwachukwu emphasized,

“All the above, if proven, are in violation of extant laws with attendant disciplinary and penal implications.”


He added,

“As a personnel, her task was to train the youth corps members, and not to indulge in amorous relationship with any of them.”


“These rules were put in place for the purpose of proper administration, and discipline in the Army.”

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